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  • Robert M Robert M Dec 6, 2008 05:59 Flag

    Evra banned for four matches...

    ...for his part in the battle/brawl/handbags at Stamford Bridge last season.

    His first league match when he returns will be the match against ....... Chelsea.


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    • typical f.a. anything to trip united up. ok evra done wrong but 4 games and a fine, yet their is a pic of bethell aiming a punch at evra and he gets.........................a fine and the rest is one big cover up job. all the fa have done now is bring the them against us chestnut back and it will just spur us on, help the other teams as much as you ike, it wont stop us. whats even more laughable is this happened with a hanful of people present, when adebayor and bender had that spat and ade nutted him their was thousands watching and what happened.......................nothing. i hope united appeal.

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      • Aren't you forgetting that United's own David Gill is possibly the most powerful person at the FA?

        The racism accusations are a thorny issue without an independent witness, as we saw when Ian Wright accused Schmeichel of racist comments. Evra might have suffered racial abuse, but really we can't know if he did or not.

      • I'd say typical FA for being turning a blind eye to racism. They've done nothing about the stuff against Mido and now they claim not to have enough proof of racism.

        So because they turn a blind eye to racism, they have no choice to say since Evra can't justify provocation, they have to slap a 4 match ban on him. If they'd accepted that there racial commnents had caused the flare up, they would have given him 1 match ban for not showing restraint.

        Bunch of pricks.

    • Having now re-assembled my lower jaw, I'd now like to know what the precedent for this is. If all you get is 3 matches for potentially inciting a riot it does seem that, yet again, as United have doubtless chosen to point a proper lawyer in the direction of the FA, they have retaliated by redefining their own laws and dishing out punishment way in excess of previous measures.
      If this had been Rooney, or in the past a certain hot headed Irishman you could imagine it, but Patrice is on the whole pretty calm, and it's generally accepted that Chelsea are a bunch or racists, just ask Pat Nevin.
      (On the subject of the short fused man from cork, does anyone remember the "how blood reaches the head" cartoon in WSC many moons ago showing a normal person with a vascular system, and Roy with a drain pipe jammed between his heart and his brain ?).

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      • If two players traded blows during a game they would both get a red card and a 3 match ban. Yet not only does Evra get a 4 match ban but he is the only one of the two people involved who is punished. An oversight by chelsea means their groundsman got away scot free and a fine of £25,000 for failing to control their staff is an indication that he bears some of the responsibility for what happened. Also why were chelsea not punished for failing to tell their staff that they are governed by fa rules?.

      • "it's generally accepted that Chelsea are a bunch o[f] racists"

        Tell you what Lester, if I buy you a T-shirt with that on, and a ticket to a Chelsea match, will you wear it there?


    • Here is a link to events as originally reported on the BBC site as of 28/4/08:

      The majority of statements made by various parties indicate to me that it is highly unlikely that racial insults were involved even though the Bethell character’s physical appearance as reported fits with the probable type. My thinking is that at least one Utd player would have backed up the claim in evidence.

      To me it seems quite clear that Utd players did nothing wrong to begin with at least and for me the crucial part of the report is:
      “It is understood United players took exception to being told they could not run on a muddy part of the pitch, even though Premier League rules say the playing surface must be made available to the opposition”

      Which part was muddy and not muddy may have been subject to debate and it sounds to me like this jobsworth Bethell who is clearly not the most diplomatic character on earth told the players to move on in a not-too-polite manner. This is obviously what started the trouble. Other things may have been said but not proven.

      The other important thing to note is that Evra also received personal injury, both physical and verbal:

      United player Evra was punched at least once, ending up with a bruise and a small cut above his eye. "Patrice received a grave insult from a member of Chelsea's staff," United striker Carlos Tevez said. "He demanded an explanation and from that moment these men just wanted to attack Patrice. Obviously it is normal that we tried to defend our team-mate but within a few seconds all of the United players were surrounded by stewards.
      "I think that security cameras will show the provocation we received. I have never seen anything like this in my career."
      "Basically this came about because of the provocation of somebody who works for Chelsea," said United player Gerard Pique.
      "Patrice wanted an explanation but these men were very aggressive. All we were doing was finishing our work-out after the game. Even now I just do not understand the reaction of these people."

      Under the circumstances there is very little Utd can do even though I feel they have suffered at the hands of a very uncaring host. Apart from plotting along the lines of revenge, ie have a gang of heavies waiting for Chelsea to step one inch out of their legal grounds at OT or similarly provocating their players, whether or not they have stepped out of line, there’s not much left to do.

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      • it should be recognised that virtually none of the United players in the melee were actually involved in the match. and so had no specific need for a "warm-down". So, for you, the crucial part of it is that United players who had no need of a warmdown were insisting on running on whichever bit of the pitch they wanted to, inspite of Chelsea groundstaff wanting to repair it?

        I think it very unlikely what regulations there are about this were envisaging that any arbitrary non-playing players from the away team should have a right to conduct what was really a training session on the home pitch.

        I think the phrase "have suffered at the hands of a very uncaring host" should be set against the actions not only of the pitch invaders but also Ferdinand, Hargreaves, Ferguson and Quiroz. United were hardly shrinking violets attending a little girl's birthday party.


    • im gutted, i thought this had all been resolved months ago!!

      The only good news is the fact the games he misses arent huge matches but we will miss his attacking presence (and defending of course).

      IMO i believe that he was racially abused otherwise he wouldnt of gone so crazy. He was obviously seriously rubbed up the wrong way. I respect there is no evidence to back up these claims but think hes been dealt a harsh card.

      Also by united appealing i believe this helps to back up these rasism claims as united dont tend to appeal these type of decisions nor do i doubt Mike Phelan who has too much integrity to make that sh*t up if it wasnt true.

      also gives us the chance to potentially try out both da siva twins although possibly risky

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      • It does seem a tad harsh, but I guess its very hard to know exactly what happened. I do beleive what Evra says about him being abused, I can't see why he or anyone else would lie, and why else would he have reacted in the way he did?
        I agree some punishment is merited for Evra, because no matter what was said, he should of stayed professional and ignored it, but at the same time if he was racially abused, I can understand why he would want to go for the groundsman. I think a 1 game ban may have been fair for him, and Chelsea should do the decent thing and sack Sam Bethell.

        Rooooon, do you know how Fabio is doing with his fitness? He may still not be fit to fill in for Evra anyway, O'Shea is the more likely option.
        I'm also in agreement the games he will miss are not the end of the world, league games against Stoke and Boro', FA Cup v Southampton, and Carling Cup Semi first leg. The down side would be that he would be lacking time on the pitch going into a key game against Chelsea. Im sure we'll cope fine without him, hopefully we may have some luck with his appeal anyway

    • I can see I'm going to have some fun responding to all this a bit later...

      In the meantime, anyone know what ban those two Newcastle players got for fighting on the pitch several years ago?


    • Fabio is training again according to Fergie. We can probably manage until Patrice is back again.But once again the FA have shown how anti-United and incompetent/corrupt they are. Chelski were favoured by the ref. at Stamford Bridge and now this surely raises question marks about their integrity. Even if Gill is powerful at the FA I doubt he makes all judicial decisions on cases like this. If that slimy toad Kenyon bungs a few grand here or there I am sure things will fall Chelsea's way as usual with FA decisions.

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      • Gill is the favourite to take over at the FA. If we keep making these complaints about the FA (who have also taken United's side in many situations), what the hell are other fans going to say when Gill is in charge? Gill's power in arriving at this decision shouldn't be underestimated; any sign of weakness here wouldn't have helped him fulfill his ambition to take charge of the FA.

    • I think your ignoring something that ferdinand did before that...kick a woman for no apparent reason. although i find racism unacceptable, its also unacceptable the way the man utd players were so immature. I think both ferdinand and evra should be punished along with the steward IF he did say racist remarks...

    • It isn't at all clear to me that the people who have destroyed the Chelsea board are Chelsea fans. Pombal appears to be more a Liverpool fan, if he is a fan at all. Whoever they are, they represent only themselves, as I represent only myself and you likewise.


    • You just have to look at the Chelsea board here to see how many racists post on there. One or two have tried it here too( jose pombal) but have been given short shift. Pity the 'real' Chelsea fans haven't done the same.

    • " the FA ruled he attacked the Chelsea groundsman last season."
      "However, an allegation that Bethell had 'engaged in racist conduct or language' was not proved and Chelsea were cleared of that charge."

      Maybe you should start again and try to base your comments on what was determined.


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