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    Why don't United strikers score goals?

    After 15 league games Rooney has only 4 league goals, Berbatov and Tevez haven't even made it to 3 yet!
    Anelka has 13 goals so far....
    Is it that our strikers miss loads of chances? Or is it that they do so much work tackling back that they never get in the box?

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    • There could be several reasons (just MHO) :

      Too rely on Ronaldo. Ronaldo was too predictable sometimes and he has not scored in 4 games now. Tevez or Rooney can play well on the right and can replace Ronaldo sometimes. Tevez can take spot kicks and free kicks too. (If you let him)

      Too tight the defense of opponents. This one can't help, becos Man Utd is the Champ, and opponents have to play tight.

      Midfield support. Support and passing from midfield to strikers upfront was okay so far. Carrick can pass very well. Giggs and Scholes can do well too, just that not many games they played. Park did well but sometimes took on the role of a striker to try to score himself, though seldom succeeded but you never know next time. Nani and Anderson both have rooms to improve. Ronaldo scored many but did not assist much (I think). Hargreaves is supposed to be the playmaker of the team, just sorry that he is out for the season. Perhaps Man Utd need another playmaker.

      Finally the strikers. Rooney has not been prolific all his time at Man Utd. Tevez was on the bench most of the time and can't shine much. Berba is good at passing and assisting but if you want him to get the ball upfront and score, someone has to pass the ball really well. As I said, Man Utd seem to lack of someone in midfield who can do some great passing constantly, that kind of passing that is so good the strikers just have to get a touch or two (or none needed) and score right away.

      The main role of a striker is to score, assist and come back to defend etc are secondary. Strangely these days, some pundits always dub some strikers "selfish" if they don't pass but score themselves (and failed). These pundits seem to forget that, strikers NEED to score first, that is their primary role.

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      • Berbatov is fantastic for a 'fox in the box' to feed off his assists. Rooney possibly needs to adjust his game a little, and become, as Fergie has said, "more selfish". I still miss an RVN type of player in the squad, but it seems Fergie is determined to get the most out of a Rooney/Berbatov partnership. Hopefully it will work out, as I can't see that we will sign Tevez.

    • Easy, cause there SHIT!!!

    • Odd isnt it, and a slightly worrying.

      Here are the goals scored for the last 4 seasons. I was expecting united to win by a street, but courtesy of the massive 87 to our measly 58 4 seasons ago, we only pip the gooners by a single goal.
      Liverpool really dont deserve to be considered in the same league on these stats. if I could be arsed to do this over the last 10 years we'd win by a country mile of course. We've still scored 20 more goals than chelsea in what is easily the greatest 4 seasons in their history.

      United 80 83 72 58 total 293
      Chelsea 65 64 72 72 total 273
      Arsenal 74 63 68 87 total 292
      Liverpool 67 57 57 52 total 233

      bugger it, here's the goals against
      United 22 27 34 26 total 109
      Chelsea 26 24 22 15 total 87
      Arsenal 33 35 31 24 total 123
      Liverpool 28 27 25 31 total 111

      We've let in 2 less, but scored 60 more goals than the auld enemy in the last 4 seasons alone, chelsea are just 2 up on us on goal diff., despite our crap 04/05 performance, and it's obvious why arsenal never win the title.

      I still think we are the most fluent of the 4 despite the shyness of the front line, and are ready to start smacking a few teams for 6,7 and 8 in the second half of the season.

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      • The key to our season, as I have said before, is Fergie managing his three top strikers correctly. Ronaldo's success last season was also due in a big way to his interplay with Rooney and Tevez. Fergie's pigheaded selection of Berba could be our undoing this season. I hope I am wrong, but when Berba is clearly not aggressive enough in front of goal and as a result not scoring as he can, it's time to bench him and give Tevez a chance. Like now!! Another factor of course is the loss of Queiroz.