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    United MIDFIELD simply NOT good enough


    Good afternoon Mancs

    Had an interesting chat with one of my inner circle of ELITE footballing minds regarding your midfield recently…

    I mean let’s be honest, how CRAP is this current crop compared to the worldclass foursome of the glory days when you had GIGGS – SCHOLES – KEANE and BECKHAM at their peak tearing it up!

    In FACT, once Ronaldo goes to REAL MADRID once he is able to break his chains of SLAVERY when old man Fergie retires, it looks really, really bad for you doesn’t it?. I mean, you’ve got a first string of NANI – ANDERSON – CARRICK – FLETCHER!!!!!! ALL absolute donkeys compared to the aforementioned names! Then there are SLUGS like Rafael, Park, O’Shea and the 18 million pound DISASTER that is OWEN HARGREAVES (who will never recover from his injury nightmare) waiting in the wings… a complete JOKE and insult to the club and the fans. No wonder you are struggling to stay in the top THREE this season!

    Mancs – you ALL know that when SAF walks your club is in deep TROUBLE, and this coupled with players wanting to leave, the ticket scam fiasco and THIS awfully weak MIDFIELD means that you are well and truly OVER!! Doesn’t it?


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    • Again your small mind can't grasp simple concepts, individuals aren't defined by the country they reside in and the masses. So what if the ratings for hockey or any other sport are higher - what does that have to do w/ me? Nothing but, then again you have nothing of substance to add so you try make it about sports culture in the U.S. and not about the points at hand.

      I get to watch 5 games live on Saturday, starting with the early game, then the 3 games with the 3 PM kickoff and then the late game plus 2 on Sunday not to count the Serie A and South American games. More than your sorry ass gets to watch in that footballing country. Talk about a plastic fan, please educate me on football elsewhere in the world. You aren't a football fan, you are nothing but a drone that had it beat into you that you are a fan of the non-trophy winning team and there is nothing else.

      P.S. I know you are nothing but, a troll that thinks you've finally got a bite with your baited posts, couldn't be further from the truth. I am sitting here enjoying Juve beat the crap out of Milan, while you probably cuddle up to your keyboard and dream about how you managed to got us United fans.

    • Paisley-Shankley what a total s**t bag you really are, a complete Moron . As for you nick name those two managers had more class than you ever will . And as for your comments ... Stick to being a Thief , i mean thats what you scousers are good at isnt it ? next time you come out with speel on here Think first then maybe open your mouth instead of your arse !!

    • A paisley moment. I meant tell me one Brit that writes ass and not arse. Muppet

    • You tell me one Brit who writes ass instead of ass. You do sound like an ass ( the animal variety) Twat.

    • Why are you worried,you got enough of your own problems....how did you do against Hull....Haaaa

    • Close minded imbecile. Might want to open that tiny little brain of yours and realize that football is the world's game. You obviously have no clue about football if all you measure a player is by the number of goals he scores.

      Am glad you don't think United's midfield isn't good enough, when they stuff you and that piece of crap team, that won zero trophies last year, please come back and scream NEXT and type in caps, making up for the tiney prick in your hand while you jack off reading your piss poor attempts of trying to show your superiority, which only leads to proving what weeetarrd you are.

    • Re: this thread. seriously doubt that the originator of this thread a) knows any fine minds of any kind or b) actually has any friends. p.s. he also knows jack-shit.

    • Classic "Ah yes SHIMO - another PLASTIC YANK who has no affiliation with "soccer" or "United" whatsoever yet typically of his ilk, shows up like the cavalry and gets his ass kicked by the natives.." We don't say ass in England wanker.

    • You are probably the type that stare into a mirror and wank off thinking "omg omg omg, I am the best".

      Cheshit may have world class individual midfielders that can't play together, at United we have a fantastic set of midfielders that we can rely on game after game that when introduced work with the team. Team - thats what the game is about, not indididuals.

      Look at who Chelshit have to bring on when they are desperate to get a goal, someone that has barely had a game in. We bring on people that have impact and can be counted on.

      If you spent less time wanking off, you might actually realize that Anderson was in fact immense in a lot of key games last year and that at 20 and the fact that he hasn't had a break this year, he is still developing.

      Take of your blinkers for even a minute, forget the shirt he is wearing and try be objective, probably not possible for a narrow minded twat, but, if you have any footballing sense, you'll see what potential he possesses.

      Am actually glad idiots like you post so when Anderson does become the individual world class player, you'll be eating your own words.

      We don't need him to be world class right now, he is doing fine and developing and playing for the team, not much more to ask.

      Have a great weekend, get some muscle relaxant in case you get tennis elbow from spending too much time with your dick in your hand revelling in the drivel.

    • Hargreaves is the one that can be defensive and creative at the same time, and that is why I regard him as supposed to be one of the best playmakers of Man Utd, or even the EPL.

      Anderson is too young to replace the vast experienced veteran Scholes. In central midfield, you need one with experience, reputation and is influential in every way to change the game. Hargreaves should have been the perfect choice for that.

      Another thing is, you are right, it is not a big deal if a midfielder has not scored much or not even score, as long as he plays his main role well ie to support and assist. Let the strikers do their jobs, midfielders just have to pass the ball to them very well.

      That is why I found it funny sometimes that Ronaldo took on the role of a striker to score so many time :D . As he should have support more, leave most of the shooting job to the strikers. You don't really want to see a midfielder scoring all the time, and a striker in turn support all the time. There is nothing wrong with the "change of role" though, just funny. :D

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