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    Anderson and Nani?

    Have I missed something, or there hasn't been nothing mentioned into why these two have been overlooked in recent games? Even Possebon and Gibson made the bench ahead of them for the Boro game. I am more concerned of Anderson, cause if he's not playing, he's usually on the bench. Can anybody shed any light on this?

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    • Fair one I guess about Nani. He hasn't played too much. I still feel that when he has though, that he has been a bit disappointing. I agree that he could do with a more consistent run in the team to try and find some form. I think one of the biggest problems for Nani has been the form of Park Ji Sung. Like Darren Fletcher, he's taken his chance to establish himself as a regular in the starting 11 very well. I think he's been one of our best players in recent weeks. He's surprised me actually, in a good way. I always liked him, but never really viewed him as being anything other than a squad player, and at the start of this season, it was Nani I wanted to become Giggs replacement on the left. But, so far, he's been excellent in my opinion, and is deservedly ahead of Nani in the pecking order at the moment.

    • Chris, it's not "more goals", it's "a goal, any goal, just to help open it up a bit", he cant even hit the ruddy target.
      Neither Keane nor Ince were, in the end, much cop in the goal scoring stakes, although Keane got a number of important goals earlier in his career, and of course one truly priceless header in one of the best games ever played by anyone ever in overcoming Juventus. But they brought a momentum with them through sheer force, something that Anderson has shown more than a glimpse of.
      I accept that he is well above average for his age in the closing down/pressing department and plays the ball quickly into the right areas. I just think that, given some of the opportunities he's had, that he has to start nailing some of them and it will effect not only himself directly, but the whole team and the way teams set up against him.

    • Very good post Chris, and one which I agree with entirely.

    • John, I think the dollar/pound exchange rate movement recently will have improved the Glazer's position, ie the 'UK' debt in their portfolio will have declined by 25-30% relative to their core US holdings. So with US interest rates at near to zero, they are probably feeling quite happy.

    • I thought both him and Nani showed some initial promise, but I was voicing my reservations about them both by the middle of last season, where I felt they dropped off a bit. If Queiroz had stayed I would see more of a future for them at the club, but Ferguson comparing Anderson to Robbo and Keane just seems like sales talk to me. I didn't take any offence, Chris, or think you were having a dig at me!

      Some people don't think Berbatov will work at United, whereas I do see him as a Fergie player and think he will come on very fast in the next few months. As for Anderson, I can't help my hunch, honestly! I could see why he might favour Italy though to the EPL. I think he has talent - jusy can't see him at United for some reason. It is probably an irrational dislike or a general annoyance at his appalling shooting, or maybe I just can't face some of my old favourites being replaced by somebody who seems obsessed with his bloody hair. Just have to put up with the fact that I am a Grumpy Old Sod at times, and the gossip I hear in Manchester about Anderson puts me off also (you know it is like a village where you know everything that goes on here). Whatever, I am probably being cranky and irrational about it...

      But, seriously, we will need to sell players this season, unless the Glazers have got into conterfeiting!

    • I don't agree, but you put your point across fairly enough. I would say, due to his age, Scholes pretty much has to be a bench player now. He simply cannot make the number of starts a first-choice midfielder needs to. With his ability and experience, Fergie is showing remarkable judgement with Scholes and Giggs, choosing which matches to start them for, and which matches to have them as subs for.

      Anyone know how many full 90 minutes either of them has played so far this season?

    • Agree. Nani's looked less spectacular, but maybe a bit more mature than last season when he has played. He still has some way to go, but he's made better some pass selections, and has been a bit more team-oriented. Remember, Ronaldo's second season had people writing him off as a one-season wonder who didn't deserve to be at United. Not to say that Nani will be the next Ronaldo, but we should consider his age and not rush to conclusions.

      Agree on Anderson too. If he's had a bit of a rest at home over the holiday period, I'd expect him to be more like his old self in the second half of the season. Who knows, he might even score!

    • If United complete the deal for Tevez along with the signings of the two Serbians, it is pretty certain that we will need to bring in some money from outgoing transfers (although that might not be necessary until the summer). A decent fee for Nani would certainly help, although as we still owe quite a lot of the money for his transfer, United might need to sell somebody else also.

    • Chris, my view might seem bizarre, but it isn't fickle in any way. Call it a hunch, an irrational impulse, reading the tea leaves or whatever but in my bones I just don't feel that Anderson is right for United. I know it isn't logical, but that has been my gut instinct for a long time about him. I maintained last season that Scholes should remain first choice in midfield, and not be a bench player to be replaced by Anderson as a starter, and that is still the way I feel. Also I do think that Fergie tends to identify different players to Queiroz as suitable for United. If I am wrong, I am wrong, but I can't even in the face of whatever argument change the way I feel about this.

    • has anderson actually played since he came out and said he wanted to go and play for inter?

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