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    Moanino starts the mind games

    Jose Moanino has started the mind games for the Inter ECL tie saying "I'd be surprised if Vidic didn't get at least two matches - which wouldn't even be much for a gesture like that, during a match seen by the whole world." He has also commented that he feels Rooney should have been suspended after the Aalborg match, saying "I don't like the fact that in football there are different standards. I was amazed that Rooney was not suspended," Obviously Moanino doesn't agree with the UEFA review panel. I suggest they charge him with contempt. I wonder if he will have the humility to admit there was nothing wrong with Scholes' disallowed 'goal' against Porto when he last played United in the ECL? Or would that be a blemish on his record of winning the ECL in the same season Porto are under investigation for having bribed officials to win their domestic league under Moanino? Does that come under the 'double standards' he doesn't like?

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    • ha i bet jigsaw loved the old keegan comment, i will love it if we beat united, and...........er, they didnt. the only thing jigsaw can beat is his sad little penis that matches his mind. funny thing is tho, he aid he will let us know when newcastle win something, do we live that long

    • The last time Jigsaw 's team won anything man had not yet stepped on the moon. Any clues ?

    • Well first off that whole bribe situation was nothing to do with Mourinho or the Porto team, they didnt even know.

      Second, disallowed goals happen all the time in football, some right some wrong. He's right, Rooney should of been sent off, if the linesman didnt see it fair enough, but after viewing it again they could of (should of!) taken action. It wasnt just a fleeting gesture either, it was a full blown swipe.

      Mourinho is great, he's gone tonnes of charisma and knows how to wind up Man United fans, so he's a winner in my book!

      Like you say though, its all a bit of pre-match fun, isnt it?

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      • Scott - I agree with you about Moanino's charisma (we miss it since he was wrongly and ungratefully frozen out of Chelsea); I agree with you that pre-match mind games are all part of the fun (Moanino and SAF are the best at it); I also agree that poor calls on off-side decisions are part of football. But, I don't agree that Scholes' 'goal' against Porto had anything to do with off-side. He was about 30-odd yards out with a host of defenders ahead of him. Even the ABU media on television and in the press were at a complete loss to explain why that 'goal' had been disallowed. It is right up there with the Bermuda triangle, the abomninable snowman and Quisling Kenyon's explanation on the soundness of Chelsea's Balance Sheet, as one of the great mysteries of our time

      • It wasn't a full blown swipe from Rooney. He accidently stood on the guy as he lost his balance. I think you're getting it mixed up with the Stoke game, which I agree, Wayne could easily and probably should of seen red.
        I think these mind games being started by Mourinho are funny. It as all part of the game, something Fergie himself has mastered over the years. It just adds a bit of extra spice to the tie.
        Oh and agreed, offside goals go for and against teams all the time. Its swings and roundabouts as the saying goes really. That one against Porto was pretty painful to take though, especially as I was cheering my nuts off behind the goal at the game until I realised it had been chalked off! Gutted!