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  • that some impressive accolades there....my question AGAIN... does the derogitory comments from manu fans leave a bitter taste in his mouth as his family,wife and inlaws are from the city...if i wanted an hounours list id have asked..."what has rooney won at manu?" did i? NO.....you forgot to put the dirty tackling granny shagging freckly faced shrek features balding palyer of the year for 04 05 06 07 08

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    • Its a stupid question because Wayne rooney is still playing at Man u so if he didnt like it im sure he would of left the club by now or wouldnt of signed. Also if Rooney was even the slightest bit unhappy dont you think there would be other clubs trying to sign him. NO!! Everyone knows how happy Rooney. His celebrations prove that everytime he wins a trophy or scores against Liverpool, Everton etc

      He knows how much the best team in the world love him thats why his chant is sung from the stands every game. Just in case you havnt heard it goes as folloes


      He goes by the name of wayne rooney

      Got any decent questions? If not jog on sunshine. Your posts are both pointless and boring. Oh and by the way football isnt a beauty pagent. Otherwise im sure the the spice boys would of won the fa cup in 1996 in there faggy white suits before kick off! You might want to look that up, im sure you werent even born then

    • So that's the real reason for your post then is it 'antony', ? What happened to Anthony then ? Well the answer you your, as dsteer says, valud question is it's only scousers from the red side of Liverpool who we laugh about. Even Evertonians do the same