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    Tevez: I'll go if a club offer me 5 yrs contract'

    On Sunday Tevez, 24, revealed his disappointment at speculation that he had rejected a new offer from the Premier League champions, and on Monday he reiterated his desire for his future to be sorted.

    "I didn't like him (Ferguson) saying I didn't like the offer I was made because neither my agent nor me were given one," the Argentina international, whose deal runs out in the summer, told Radio del Plata.

    "I don't know anything on my future. United know what they must pay if they want me to stay.

    "I want to stay but the club have not made any offer. I've been waiting for them for a year and a half."

    The ongoing saga has prompted reports that Tevez, who joined United from West Ham in 2007, is a target of Real Madrid, and the forward added: "If I have to quit the club, I want to quit on good terms."

    "Now all clubs are on an equal footing. If a club comes to me and offers me a five-year deal, I will accept it for peace of mind.

    "I will sign my last contract, and then I figure that I'll go back to Boca (Juniors.) That could be in four or five years."

    "I want everybody to know no offer has been made. I don't like that they are playing with our fans, who show their love to me in each match."

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    • More Tabloid Trash.......

    • "Citeh ... not going to be in the CL for at least two years"
      Are you reckoning on them getting relegated ? ;).
      I'm still waiting for the gobsmacking outrageous bid for somebody like Kaka. If their excuse is going to be "yeah but we're crap and nobody has ever heard of us so all we can sign are players nobody else will give a game to or Craig Bellamy" it could be decades.

    • I read £6-10m which will come off the final transfer fee if United buy him.

      Tevez has very few options open to him. No one is going to pay £30m for him. Real Madrid certainly aren't as they're broke. Citeh might but would he want to go to a club that is not going to be in the CL for at least two years?

    • If you mean I try to only talk about things I may have some idea about, try to be polite and try to use reasonable english , then thank you for the compliment.

    • News coming out of France is that Claude Puel won't let Benzema go, but I definitely think he'll join United. He's said on TF1 that he'd love to join Manchester United. The thing is I love Tevez's work-rate and skill, whereas Benzema is a bit lazy.

    • I think Devon that you are correct however Tevez is free to agree a pre-contract deal with a non-english club in January as this is the last year of his contract. I believe United are willing to take this risk because Fergie thinks there is a chance of signing Benzema at the end of the season instead.

    • Does anyone know how much has already been paid and in what form? I though he was on a straight 2 year loan period with some form of option to buy in which case that option would have cost us a fraction of the actual price, maybe 5-10%.

      This is a tough one because Tevez is no longer first choice striker and Rooney's progress this season suggests Tevez will only play while Rooney is being rested is injured or suspended. He's too big a name for that so I hoestly believe he will leave because I can't see us paying that price.

      2009 is shaping up to be as bad a year as 2008, so all clubs are likely to see their revenues dropping due to smaller gates, lower turnover on the merchandising from and probably a significant drop in various forms of sponsorship. From a business perspective, there is no better managed club than united so I trust Gill and the Glazers to do the right thing for the club in the Tevez case.

    • According to SAF, Tevez and his agent no permanent deal for the player was due to be signed until the end of this season yet the press keep pushing for the deal to be sealed now and claim that if it isn`t he will join real madrid, man city or arsenal before the close of the window. Correct me if I`m wrong but isn`t a loan deal as binding as any other transfer deal? So having agreed a two year deal with utd Tevez has to stay for the specified length of the loan unless both parties agree to terminate the agreement.

    • Ah, my fake arse-licker has it wrong yet again. The total fee for Tevez would be £32 million, or there abouts. That's £10 million for a loan period of 2 years, then £22 million if United want to sign him permenantly.

    • steve, we have not 'paid a chunk of that fee' of the Tevez at all. Our previous payments of £20m to Kia Joorabchain cover the costs of hiring Tevez and Kia's agency fees only. We have to pay an extra payment of £30m to sign Tevez on a permanent basis.

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