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  • McMullan McMullan Jan 7, 2009 15:59 Flag

    Getting rid of Tevez.

    Good or a bad thing?

    I think he's a great player, what do all my ManU pals reckon?

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    • I agree Chris to an extent about Tevez. I would still prefer him in the side over Berbatov to be honest. I think we made a mistake in buying Berbatov. I agreed with most that we needed another striker, but not in the mould of Berba. Don't get me wrong he's a good player, but not what we needed. Maybe he's not the player we thought he was?
      What we needed was an out and out striker, somebody Rooney and Tevez could play off. Somebody who could do the sort of thing Ruud van Nistelrooy did so well for us. Berbatov has turned out to be a very similar player to what we've got in the role he likes to play in the side. All 3 prefer to have free roles playing off the front and linking up the play. He has a different way of doing it and style to the other 2, but in my opinion he hasn't brought anything new to the side. He hasn't improved us, he's just replaced Tevez in the starting 11, and on that basis, I agree with the view of Tevez being treated unfairly.
      Maybe Ferguson realises this? That we have 3 link up players as apposed to what he thought Berbatov would be? And that we don't need 3 strikers in this mould, so one has to give way?
      Maybe he has decided that will be Tevez, and we'll look to purchase a different front man.
      As i've already said, I like Tevez a lot as a player, and i'd love him to stay, but like you Chris, I just have a feeling that he's going, which is a shame.

    • some of the boys are still floating about mate

      would of loved to have kept him mate, but never was gonna happen unfortunatly, we was always gonna be a stepping stone for him.

      A great player for us and we will always be gratefull, i think he is up there with Di Canio imo

      i think he would of stayed but for that cnut Kia, now thats one money grabbing tosser.

      Just watch out for him mate

      if you can get a deal for 20m to 25m for him i think you lot should snap him up.

      good luck!

    • Chris, long time no speak btw.

      agree with what you are saying re- Tevez

      You know what you are gonna get from him every game, hard working, gets stuck in and not bothered about trying something even if he fails at the first attempt and he will always score goals.

      as for berba don't get me wrong i think he is a excellent footballer but in the games i have seen him in he seems a bit lazy ie shutting down the goalie etc.

      but i think you need to keep all 3 top strikers to carry on at the level you are at. so fergie should sign Tevez imo and if he don't want to play him, loan him back to us for a measly sum, of course above board as well! ;]

    • I would say that, Tevez can dribble and get past the defenders better than Berba and Rooney. I remember Man Utd's defense of last season became so tight that it was even tighter than the season before last. How did that happen? Because Man Utd brought in a player or two last season which were very good at bringing trouble to the defense. The teams played with each other in training, if some players were so good at ripping apart the defense, the defense would learn to prevent that from happening and got improvement as well. That was why the defense became tighter. And who were the one so great to help the team improve? One of them was Tevez.

      Tevez has some similar quality of Barca's Messi. They can both dribble and control the ball very well. They can both shoot and assist as well. Messi is more creative and even more agile but Tevez is stronger, tougher and not prone to injury (ever since he joined Man Utd, I haven't seen him sidelined because of injury.). Messi can score wonderful goals, so as Tevez. Tevez' goals most of the time had some kind of suddenness in them, ie you never expect to see them coming. Those kind of goals are deadly to the defense. In other words, Tevez is unpredictable, unlike Ronaldo :D . And Tevez can curl in free kicks into goals too, though we seem never have the chance to see that with Ronaldo showing off all the time :D . He can score with his head even if he is not tall. He can take penalty very well too.

      Some people even said he was headless chicken but the way I see it, he was not. He was just full of energy some time, couldn't help but had to run around :D . But I noticed he played better when he was a bit cooler on the pitch. Talented player never brainless.

      Berba, Rooney and Tevez they are in some way different than each other. One is better than others in some way or another. Each of them has different quality which gives options to the team. But you still can't deny the fact that this 32m pound player is really exceptional. Letting go of him, and you may never find one with the same again.

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      • I'd love to keep Tevez if we can but, I don't blame United for trying to get a better deal considering the economic situation - in fact they have a fidicuary duty to do so.

        Also, I don't understand the comment about "I don't like how he has been treated this season"? How has he been treated badly? By not being the first choice striker? That isn't being treated badly, the boss has to make a choice and right now his choice seems to prefer Rooney/Berba pairing.

        If you look at the news the last couple of days, the same story or 3 stories are constantly being rebranded/retitled to sensationalize the situation.

        Take his agent's comments, the first reports were titled "Joorbachian denies Tevez rift", then it becomes "Agent is being Cagey" then same story became that "Agent says he may move".

        All 3 of them report the same thing but, titled differently and the paragraphs moved around or bits from other stories added to it.

        Fact of the matter is Tevez is playing quite a bit, maybe not from the start but, he is playing and doing his job. United and Tevez/Agent have to sit down and flush things out that work out for everyone involved. Hopefully that will mean United keeping him and his slimy agent making enough money to keep him happy instead of trying to push Tevez some place else so he can pocket more.

    • Id love us to keep him, as I think hes a fantastic player who loves this club and puts in so much effort when hes on the field. Id personally still have him in the side ahead of Berbatov, even though I am warming to the Bulgarian as he settles in more.
      It will be a shame if he leaves.

    • DEFINITELY want Carlitos to stay. He's a great a player and brings a lot of urgency to our play.

      BUT, he is not worth £32M. Especially not in the current climate and bearing in mind we have already overpaid by about £5M for Berba. That price has to come down otherwise I'm pretty sure Fergie will say thanks, but no thanks.

      It wouldn't be a disaster if he left considering we have Rooney and Berbatov, with Welbeck and Campbell waiting in the wings. But I'd rather keep Tevez as well.

    • I would dearly love us to keep him. He gives us options and an exciting extra dimension. His work rate is fantastic.