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  • Reporters were left stunned after Benitz blamed utd`s manager for their failure to beat stoke.

    `Other managers are afraid of him. He`s always on the phone to them - he says its to offer help and advice but its really to intimidate them so that their teams will give 150% in games against us.`

    Benitz also blamed the fa.

    `Its not right that so many ex-utd youngsters should be able to play for one team. When they come up against liverpool they try that bit harder cause they have been brought up to believe that beating us is a top priority. There should be a rule that say premiership teams can only field one ex-utd youngsters against us. .But the fa won`t act on this cause they are afraid of SAF.`

    In response to reporters claims that the ex-utd youngsters were just as likely to put in a anextra effort against utd Benitz replied.

    `That is nonsense. Once a utd player always a utd player. They want utd rather than us to win the premiership and it showed to day. It has to be a level playing field. I mean after all how many ex-liverpool players did stoke field? Something has got to be done about this before our fa cup game against everton cause you can bet your bottom euro that Phil Neville, Louis Saha and Tim Howard will, be going all out to do utd a favour`.

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