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  • Steve Steve Jan 12, 2009 01:56 Flag

    The sleeping giant awakes!!

    3-0, Fantastic! At last we give the sort of performance we've been waiting for all season. Everybody on the field today was fantastic. Johnny Evans was superb! Rio who? What a great player the lad is turning out to be. And Ryan Giggs also, what a true legend the man is. One of the best to ever kick a football in this league. Berbatov had his best game in a United shirt today too, took his goal well. Every player worked their backsides off today, and fully deserved the victory.
    Chelsea were totally outplayed. And it could so easily have been more. Carvalho was lucky not to concede a penalty in the first half, and Ronaldo wrongfully ruled offside when put through to score by Berbatov. I hope Rafa Benitez was at home watching this like he said he would, i'm sure he enjoyed it! I wonder who's getting nervous now?
    Its important that we keep this going though. We've teetered along in second gear all season so far, and we're still right in there. A good strong performance against Wigan now is a must, to make the most of the advantage we've taken from today.
    After such a slow start, could this actually end up being one of our greatest ever seasons?
    There's a lot to do, but very possible if we continue like this.
    What a great day this has been for us, come on United!!!

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    • A very good day indeed. I know this may be a unpopular choice but, Park to me was the best player of the day with Giggs very closely behind.

      Giggs did so much at the back and then he had those runs through the middle which I really think Chelsea were prepared for the skill and brain of a player like that in midfield.

      Park just was everywhere and played really well and it was only CryBaby Terry that stopped him from scoring.

      Evans - solid game but, he is young and there will be inconsistencies but, when it counted he showed up.

      Vidic purely best center back in the world, even over Rio I am sorry.

      Ronaldo - he actually looked more like last year, the shot towards the end on Joe Coles bad pass, all year he's been messing those up but, today was a lot better.

      Rooney - he was pissed off because he got elbowed and then a foul was called on him - yeah he shouldn't be doing that to the ref - we need him.

      We cannot slack off for Wigan, this is a big emotional win for us and 3 points of Wigan are the same as 3 points today, so we can't afford the draw.

      Come on United.

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      • I'm deliriously happy at that result. I suppose Berbie did look like an idle get for large periods, I'd be interested in the account of an eye witness on that, But who wouldn't with wonder-scouse shooting round the pitch like some kind of superhero out of the X-Men, or that kid out of the Incredibles.
        Any team on the planet with him and Vidic in right now could thump anyone.
        All the same, Berbie did play a part in all the goals, and continues to show touches of sheer genius.
        The best bit of the TV coverage was having those three scousers trying to raise a grin in the post match crap. I have to confess in this moment of weakness to really liking carrager, I think he's been a great player, and I thought he handled it pretty well. considering his end-of-career title aspirations had just caved in.
        I guess there will be twists and turns to come, Wigan and Bolton look a lot harder now they are in the foreground for some reason, and there's the Rio situation, and I do hope Evra isn't badly hurt.
        But if we do the business this week, as they say where Butch comes from, "that's just gotta hurt".

      • I think they were all brilliant today. I must confess to being a little surprised at the beginning with Fletcher and Giggs in the middle. I was much, much less surprised by the end .

    • Steve top post - you said it all! Its amazing how one sided that match was considering what's at stake. We did totally outplay them in every position for the majority of the match. Whatever Fergie and the coaching staff have been doing for the last few days has paid off handsomely. The lads played their hearts out. Now I hope we can capitalise on this and go on a run of high scoring matches.

    • What could be another important thing to point out from this is the dent that this has in what was a far superior goal difference of Chelsea's.
      They now only have a 6 goal advantage over us having played 2 games more. With this season shaping up to be as tight as it is looking so far, it could be a very key factor

    • Brilliant, and now, if we win our game in hand, we go top! Thanks, Rafa, your little whine was just what we needed to gee our lads up (and make yours slip up).

      We dominated Chelsea embarassingly - made them look like a mid-table side. That's the best I've seen us play for ages.

    • As I said in mu thread don't get too carried away with this game. Basically, the real Chelsea did not turn up. You wont have an easy game like this all season.