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    Now THATS More Like It!


    Absolutely top CLASS.

    If we rate it on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being a Roma performance, then that was a 9. I was so proud watching our boys, so committed, they gave it everything.

    And the fans were simply amazing, Old Trafford was bouncing, Chelski didn't want to be out there facing that, I thought Terry was going to cry towards the end!

    Now Chelski have been disposed of, we can look to finishing off the SHAME of Europe and wrap up our 3rd title in a row.

    Van Der Sar - brings so much experience and calm to the back four, and is probably the best passer Ive seen ina keeper.

    Neville - He's back. lets give him some deserved credit. He's such a red too!

    Evra - Best LB in the world, he's just a joy to watch. Gabby who?

    Evans - He's only bloody TWENTY! Now we know why Pique was let go!

    Vidic - Best defender in the world, were gonna miss him against Inter thats for sure.

    Fletcher - Another top performance, he's usurped Anderson after the Brazilian ran the show last year, and us all calling him a donkey!

    Giggs - This guy is a phenomenon. Cannot be allowed to retire, give him a contract NOW! 36 going on 26!

    Ronaldo - He's not at his best yet, but his standards are on a whole other level to every other player in the world.

    Park - I get tired of hearing 'he's not a United player'. His work rate is second to none. Keane charging box to box is the only thing better I reckon.

    Rooney - He is God. He actually had more than a few good reasons to have a temper tantrum today, so lets not be too harsh for once, some absolutely p*ss poor decision making, I make the score in reality 5-0 and two penalties.

    Berbatov - He's taking some getting used to. he drifts in and out of games, but he is pure class on the ball. He seems to look short of confidence when were under pressure, but when we're in the ascendancy he runs the show. More to come I hope. He's no longer a big fish too which he'll have to get used to. I watched the Spurs game, they were rubbish, Wigan bossed them....but not as much as we bossed the rent boys!

    We'll keep the red flag flying high, coz Man Utd WILL NEVER DIE!!!

    Watch your back dippers...here we come!!!

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