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  • sticker sticker Jan 14, 2009 00:49 Flag

    Tevez or Berbetov, who would you keep?

    Substitute? Tevez shouldn't have to be a substitute in the 1st place. Man Utd should have settled his contract where before signing Berba and others ie the Serbians. The way Man Utd treat Tevez sometimes really perplexed me.

    Berba isn't too bad after all. He was creative, passed the ball well, loved to flick the ball around. And Rooney was good at finding spaces to shoot, passed the ball around well too. Some people say Rooney and Tevez are similar in quality. Not quite really. When you need someone to breakdown a stubborn defense, you need a good dribbler, a so-called selfish shooter to constantly threaten the goal, a player with pace that can "tire" the defense. You need no one but Tevez. That is the unique quality this lad has. And if you think dribbling is easy and passing, flicking the ball around is masterpiece, then you'll have to think again. Only certain players can dribble really exceptionally and it takes unique talent to do that. Even the World-Best Player Ronaldo found it hard to get past one defender, you could see that he was stopped, intercepted most of the time be4 he could succeed. Easy huh?

    I have to admit that, Tevez recent form wasn't really good indeed. He played the Derby game and lost, both Berba and Rooney played the Chelsea game, scored and won. It gives the impression that Berba and Rooney are vital and more important to the team. But you have to remember that, Berba played all the away games against the other big 4 clubs, and Man Utd only managed to get 1 point. Suddenly the team played impressively and people can easily believe Berba and Rooney are better. Tevez's form has been on and off recently, but I can see that it could be because of lack of playing time and unsettlement of the contract. These things could really affect him.

    Man Utd still think they should let go of Tevez or keep him as substitute for long, they really have to think again. One good performance against Chelsea and one poor performance against Derby can't judge Tevez isn't good enough for the team.