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    Black players at United


    Theres a lot of two-faced cowards on here or of late. This pc brigade are having a laugh when it comes to backing the wogs at our club but i'm here to speak opn behalf of the Ultras and if you don't like it, shove it. I don't want black players at United and nor do a lot of you. Wellback, Tevez, Evra? we don't need em. All our top players are white as are all our legends and thats the tradition of United. what about Munucho and Campbell?.. load of crap and not wanted. You're all happy to support these cling-ons on the outside but you wouldn't want one sitting next to you at OT or living next door and thats a fact!

    The likes of rio (half white) are acceptable but the way it's going lately they'll be planting more trees at carrington to get this lot to work on time. I for one don't want it and nor do you so be a man and admit it. Leave the jungle bunnies for Whinger and that London rabble who haven't won nowt for four years. There's only two colours that matter at United, Red and White!

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    • And look, he's gone. What a pity.

    • Consider the United forwards from the 1999 Treble season: Cole, Yorke, Sheringham, Solskjaer. It was the most potent set of attacking options in the world at the time with Becks and Giggs raining in the crosses from the wings for them to bang in the goals. When I look at those four I see only four great players wearing the red shirt of Manchester United. I certainly don't see black or white players, I see Manchester United players. Racism is odious - whether anti-White or anti-Black or anti any other race or culture. United is a cosmopolitan club with the most cosmopolitan global fan base. I am proud of the stand SAF, the club and the players have taken against racism. The vitriol in this thread is not representative of Manchester United and deserves nothing but contempt.

    • Yeah, I know. It's just so damn easy picking holes in his posts, it's almost compulsive! I should try to hold back though, I've got other stuff to be getting on with.

      OK - no more responses tonight, unless he manages a post of breath-taking stupidity (Crap, I'm making this too easy, aren't I?)

    • Wise son mate. Just leave it! Do you honestly think you will get through to the racist c*nt.

      Just ignore him and save your breath. This thread will be gone tommorrow when the yahoo employees get to work and remove it and hopefully stop him posting on yahoo ever again if possible!

      This bloke aint no United fan hes an ignorant pile of dog wank to put it bluntly!!

    • What's racist about that? I didn't say white people looked like gorillas or anything, I just intimated that you yourself are a fat, ugly person, whose appearance would be akin to a shaved gorilla. Fact is, I don't know what you look like, but from your reaction, I may have touched a nerve.

      Of course, you couldn't avoid putting your own bit of racist abuse in the reply, nice touch there. At least try to come up with something a bit more imaginative.

    • yeah, great idea, and we will carry on chanting the likes of rio and evras name while your shouting, " someone please help me" lol.

    • Its unfortunate we lost so called ultra. He was kicked off by yahoo it self and he is presently on run and can't stop running. If he is till here, let speak. I doubt, he is gone and gone to world below. A warning 4 his likes. Be proud of ur self and be a virtue.
      one luv.

    • I cannot waste my honourable time in u! You are of no RACE! u are not white nor red come to talk of being the GREAT BLACK. most of all, you are amature, a camelion, coward indeed. tell me... who are the keys in united... look at EVRA, NANI, MR. RIO the bones of united and u, a fool lik u says they are of no use. well, u are not a footballer and knows notting about the game. u hv no moral treaning and u lack common sense. pls if u can't learn to be wise, kindly vamus. A Black is the worlds Greatest man today and U hereby rubbish ur urgly MOUTH against the world greatst people of all time. Anyway u are just a simple receist and the world does not need u. PERIOD.

    • What a pathetic wanker you are..
      Its off to the iggy bin for you and your foolish rantings..

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      • Heres a question to the author of this racist thread did you celebrate when.....

        Cole scored a hatrick against Ipswich in a 9-0 win in 1995?

        Cole scored a crucial winner to beat spurs on last day of season at OT in 1999 to seal title by 1 point?

        Dwight yorke levelled against liverpool in fa cup 1999 also last minute before we won 2-1?

        Dwight Yorke scoring two headers against Inter Milan champs league in a 2 nil win 1999 QF?

        Yorkes leveller against Juventus in Turin from Coles cross semi final 1999?

        What about Paul Inces last minute equaliser against Blackburn our title rivals at OT 93-94 season?

        Oh and im sure you werent celebrating when Yorke smashed a hatrick past arsenal in the record 6-1 win at OT?

        Tevez scoring equaliser against blackburn away last season?

        Or his goal aginst Spurs also in the last minute at WHL?

        Im getting bored and that is just to name a few as the list could be endless. Some of those goals were absolutely priceless and gift wrapped cups for United.

        I hope you get my point. Uniteds Black players have defined Uniteds glorious and illustrious history and i can safely say we would not have won as many trophys as we have done to date.

        I imagine your racism is due to a unfortunate incident that happened to in your childhood, which in fairness i dont want to speculate, although i have my suspicions. But i will keep that to myself to spare your feelings!

    • The Roma accusation is ridiculous - Italy's Ultras have a history of stupid and pointless violence towards opposing fans, especially foreign ones. Nothing racist in the warning. However, you seem to want it to be true. More evidence that you are neither a United supporter or particularly intelligent.

      Evra was never accused of anything racially motivated, nor did he himself make any accusations of that nature.

      So again, very little truth in your posts, you even have to try to lay one of WBA's embarassing stunts at our door. Has there been no racism in United's history? Of course not. However, they've since done an admirable job of combatting it, which is why you can't find anything with any substance to it from the last 20 years.

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