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  • RAr RAr Jan 22, 2009 07:43 Flag

    Citeh chasing Terry Enry

    The next episode in the new northern comedy - How much for that player in the window?

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    • To be fair, Floyd only picks fights he can win!

      Hatton lost it mentally before that fight even started, I think he'd do alot better in a rematch.

      My favourite fighter is Cotto. I'd love to see him take on Floyd.

    • Hatton would have to be daft to have a rematch with Floyd Mayweather, he was out of his depth against him and got battered.

      Then again I could see Floyd Mayweather doing it again, providing it was a decent enough purse, and I can totally relate to him taking joy in knocking seven bells of fcuk out of an ugly, ginger manc! Haha

    • Yeah I actually do too. I think that unlike De La Hoya, Hattons size will make a difference. Either way, it will be a cracking fight with those two going at it!

      And if Hatton wins, what money on Pretty boy coming out of retirement for a re-match?

    • As much as you lot are poking fun at Manchester City, keep one thing in mind, Manchester City are a far, far far RICHER club than the debt ridden manUre.

      You pack of fcuking wallys always bang on that people are jealous when they mock your club, yet if that's the case, then it must stand to reason that you're all jealous of Manchester City's clout with the wonga in their pockets?

      I can remember a certain clown on this board who used to post thread after thread about Chelsea and their owner's money, and it all stemmed from jealousy as the end of the day, if manUre had the richest owner in the world, you'd all be bragging and lording that over everyone else too.

      When you talk about comedy, I just think of most of the manUre wannbe suppoting bellends on this board who have never ever been to a match, letalone set foot inside Old Trafford, manUre fans getting a booting by rival fans (and the police) in european games, prawn sandwiches, the Glazers, Fergie chewing like a cow in a field, Fergie's purple nose and baggy face, manUre spending millions on players and their fickle fans claiming they "came through the ranks" and let's not forget all that glorious debt gloryboy united are in....and I could go on and on.

      Oh, and manUre is rapidly becoming Real Madrid's feeder club, or do you think Ronaldo will stay with you shallow, clueless, prawn sandwich munching dipsticks for his entire career? haha

    • Mr Smith, nobody is accusing you of anything, yet.

    • To the two of you,i did not fake Mr Harris it was not me,John S is my name ,but i will alter it to avoid any misconception . i am new to this forum,well new to posting i have watched from afar for some time now.I have no axe to grind with anyone ,yet.

    • Perhaps Cook is doing his own version of the fa cup draw but this time picking players for city`s team:

      And now ladies and gentlemen - and members of the press - Garry Cook will conduct the first ever city transfer draw.

      number 57- Henry
      number 634 - Drogba
      number 1 - Kaka (shame he`s turned us down. Doesn`t he know we could have made him a star)
      number 50000000 - de Jong (who the hell is he?)
      number 45678 - Bellamy
      number 3 - Buffon
      number 88 - Given (well we need a back up goalkeeper)
      number 102 - Cudacini (ok, we need 3 goalkeepers)
      number 3 - Messi
      number 2 - Ronaldo (doesn`t say which one, better go for the Brazilian one we`ve a better chance of getting him)
      number 5 - John Terry
      number 568 - Robinho (oh, we`ve already got him)
      number 10 - David Villa
      number 0 - Zidane (ok, so he`s retired but everyone has his price. Ok so Kaka doesn`t but everyone else does)

      That`s it for this transfer window.Don`t forget now folks there are three more exciting transfer windows to come cause money is no object in the development of the global brand that is manchester city.

    • Don't worry JJohn. We all know who the little coward is .

    • They were always a laughing stock. Now they are a global joke with theoretically more money at their disposal than the rest of the league(s) put together, but no class and no respect (apart from agents)

    • Hey, Ian. It looks like the person who faked your ID is now using my old one also. I no longer post on here as John S, only as The Levy, so it seems a bit pointless to take a redundant ID. Also I tend to capitalize the first-person singular personal pronoun!!

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