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  • Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Jan 22, 2009 20:35 Flag

    "City waste £17m on £2m De Jong"

    I still remember United passing on the offer for De Jong when the fee was set at 1million pounds...If Fergie doesn't rate him at a million pounds certainly he won't be much better than the players City already have on offer. Kompany looks like a bargain now.

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    • Was De Jong ever a Sparky target? I doubt it for that price. He seemed quite astute in the transfer market at Blackburns so maybe he knows something we don't. I am very surprised they didn't hijack the Palacios deal considering his form for Wigan and what he could offer City.

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      • According to the press there was a `gentleman`s agreement` between city and spurs that they wouldn`t bid against each oher for Bellamy and Palacios, instead each club would step aside and let one of the players go to the other. If that is the case then spurs got the better deal. However, I have to say that to me it seems for want of a better word `unsporting` cause it ignores the interests of the selling club. If this was to be applied on a larger scale then some of the smaller clubs in the lower leagues which depend on transfer fees to keep going could suffer.