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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 23, 2009 03:45 Flag

    ...The Prof is all washed up....


    ...RIP Prof

    The Pharoah has ripped your ringpiece even wider than i did to that lame coward bytchylass.........she'll never walk the same again

    ..................admit defeat and be a man...............

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Nee Nar Nee Nar! heyhey hey hoo hoo!

      Easy! Easy Easy!

      I am The Liquorice Man And You can't Catch me ! hehehehee

    • Yes, I am the Liquorice Lord! hehehehee
      Nee Nar Nee Nar! Police Sirens Wailing Through The Hot Cairns Night!


    • Botch, Sean has owned you so many times on here now that I've lost count, now do us all a favour and fcuk off with your pretend life.

      As much as I can stand the "limp one" at least he's giving botch some stick on here, so I'll give credit where credit is due!

      There's the possibility of hope for some of these yahoo message board using manUre fans yet, but botch is beyond saving, he's just a fcuking no-lifer who is on here talking complete and utter helmet cheese 24/7 :o)

    • oh look, its paisley_shanks_legend with yet another id, you might have had me fooled but the 7 postsyou have committed so far have all the trademarks of you and in this post the pharoahp phrase gave it away, so not only did yo duck having a football convo with me based on facts of anfield that you would know if you have been their,(i know it and i only been their 4 times) but you also completly hide from that pcee bloke, who has you s*itting yourself. on 1 note tho, i did stic up for lfc reference the bad taste post about 37 and 96 or whatever it was. i dont condone that. but stop hiding, we all know when someone is new and its because they cant change th way they write orpronounce their posts. geta life mate ffs or be a proper supporter of your club.