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  • Haggis Heed Haggis Heed Jan 24, 2009 22:03 Flag

    Why poke fun at Man City?

    As much as you lot are poking fun at Manchester City, keep one thing in mind, Manchester City are a far, far far RICHER club than the debt ridden manUre.

    You pack of fcuking wallys always bang on that people are jealous when they mock your club, yet if that's the case, then it must stand to reason that you're all jealous of Manchester City's clout with the wonga in their pockets?

    I can remember a certain clown on this board who used to post thread after thread about Chelsea and their owner's money, and it all stemmed from jealousy as the end of the day, if manUre had the richest owner in the world, you'd all be bragging and lording that over everyone else too.

    When you talk about comedy, I just think of most of the manUre wannbe suppoting bellends on this board who have never ever been to a match, letalone set foot inside Old Trafford, manUre fans getting a booting by rival fans (and the police) in european games, prawn sandwiches, the Glazers, Fergie chewing like a cow in a field, Fergie's purple nose and baggy face, manUre spending millions on players and their fickle fans claiming they "came through the ranks" and let's not forget all that glorious debt gloryboy united are in....and I could go on and on.

    Oh, and manUre is rapidly becoming Real Madrid's feeder club, or do you think Ronaldo will stay with you shallow, clueless, prawn sandwich munching dipsticks for his entire career? haha

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    • Jigsaw, I just want to ask you a serious question without either of us resorting to name-calling or irrelevant personal details. If Newcastle fans in opposition to Ashley set up AFC Newcastle or whatever it would be called in the event, would you transfer your allegiance to them? Either partially (as with a lot of FC United who continue to follow MUFC), or totally?

    • well considering the amount of calls i get, as i charge by the job not by the hour so get lots of work so my advertising dont need anymore publicity really, however if you would like me to fix something using remote assistance or jsut some advice i will be only too willing to help, but i do charge a fee, but a very competitive and cheap fee. that said if yo just want it for me to prove im not faking it, i will send you the link

    • Put a link to your business websites up then treble.

      It's an advertising opportunity for you! ;o)

    • well if you want my services e-mail me yourdetails and i wll send you a card or if you want i will give you my business website, where you can contact me. yes, i even have my own website. and it also says funnily enough, consultancy given online via payment through your credit card. another question answered by me...............still waiting for your answer jackanory

    • Taxi for treble?

      I thought he drove a lorry for the NHS?

    • "make your self look even more of a plum than you already have tonight"

      In comparison to how you make yourself look on here treble, that would be virtually impossible!

      Funnily enough, a manUre supporting pleb pretty much like yourself (as in thick, uneducated and not the full shilling) threatened me with getting the press and the dutch police, and I'm still waiting for something to happen.

      I'm sure your employers would love an explanation from you in relation to the "hoping you'd be late for an emergency, and how you'd laugh if someone's family member died as a result of your lateness" comment.

      Believe me, some of the rags out there would love to print something like what you've come out with!

      You're nearly as much of a pleb with your comments tonight, as that guy who covered a nut free zone factory in peanuts, all because he was told to take his girly poster down!

      Hahahahaha You'll be bricking yourself right now!!!

    • says therman swearing, cussing, calling names, and yet, he breaking up like the 4 piece puzzle he gave me. lol

    • go ahead jiggy boy, make your self look even more of a plum than you already have tonight. the press, lol, think they will prefer the "next audley harrison" story.

    • lol @ paisley, he getting angry, phone up the nhs, i will give you the number if you want. and yes i do have the relevant skills and all what i said, i took my course in kingston, surrey ctc which cost 2,500 and the exams were 105 each, and i took 3, computer essentials, course number 4043, a+ it essentials course number 4047, and networking course number 4062.

      all your questions being answered yet you skip the one i want to know. we know who is fake on here pal.

    • Paisley, your egyptian hyroglifics comment was too much, my ribs are aching from laughter.

      I'm tempted to shop treble to the powers that be in the NHS, I'm also pretty sure this would make an interesting story for the press too!

      This fcuking dweeb is just digging himself a bigger hole, but you've got to laugh at him!

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