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  • Carrick performed well today, but I try not to "over-praise" the players. Sometimes a player played very good in one game, but performed very poorly in another. I remembered Carrick played really badly against Tottenham away before the trip to Japan. Same thing, I tried not to blame the players so much.

    Like this Everton game, Tevez didn't really play well. If his finishings were exceptional and scored a goal or two, he would have been the man everyone is talking about here, not Carrick. And some people seemed to forget that, it was Tevez's flick that passed the ball well to Carrick to charge forward and then the penalty happened, but no one mentioned that because the impression of most people are that Carlos played poorly today.

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    • No one's "overpraising " the players at all. Carrick was brilliant , has been brilliant all season, odd off-days don't count. Tevez played very well today , and should have had a couple. Today's match was the 10 th in January, and we're top.

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      • I think you are not quite sure what I mean overpraising. Just look at or listen to those pundits and commentators, listen to the way they describe some players, the words and phrases they always use, then you will know. Some of you fans say things just like the pundits.

        Some people just tend to remember the good performance of the players and completely forget about their sometimes bad performance ie some people are easily excited by sometimes good performance and forget about the whole picture. I tend to criticize or praise them but not overdo it, as they are human too, having their own up and down. But... it is just me anyway.