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    How good is Rooney?

    I heard people talked about how good or how bad Berba and Tevez is to the team. That makes some fans prefer one to the other. But how about Rooney? I hardly heard people talked about how good Rooney is.

    As far as I know, Rooney can't dribble. I hardly saw him get past the defenders one on one with ball on his feet. Tevez, Ronaldo or even Berba can dribble better.
    Can Rooney score with his head? Hardly see that one. Berba or even the shorter Carlos can do that one. Can Rooney score from long range? Never heard of (at least I never saw one). Is Rooney a prolific striker? Based on his history, the answer is no. Is Rooney a poacher like VNR? Not quite. Was Rooney easily frustrated and became petulant when he was constantly marked and pressured by a defender or two? Yes. Berba seemed to be always cool, and Tevez wouldn't even bother much as the defenders always stick around with him.

    At least Rooney appears to be a good team player. His shooting is sharp. He can find even a little space to pick up a ball to shoot.

    It seems to me that Rooney is an AVERAGE striker. But don't get me wrong, what I mean average here is a good one. Or use a better word, balanced. He is balanced in every way, which means you can't say he is very good at some skills but you can't say he is bad too. Because of his balance nature he seems to be able to play consistently all the time, not too bad and not too good either.

    Berba and Tevez are two completely different type of strikers that because they are completely different if they combined well they COMPLETE each other. Winning 5 out of 5 games now without Rooney showed that. Rooney appears to be the balance of the two (Berba and Tevez). He seems to have some features of the two but not all. I heard people always expected something special from either Berba or Tevez, perhaps to change the game or turn around the fate of the team, but I hardly heard people said they expected something special from Rooney, that tell you something here.

    What say you?

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    • I presume your thread is wind up? Wayne Rooney is one of the finest footballers in the world with consummate skills in all of the areas where you attempt to damn him by faint praise. Add to those skills passion, work-rate (on and off the ball), vision and awareness, and you would begin to understand why every top manager at every top team in the world would love to him in their squad and first name on the team sheet for every big game

    • Just ask Maradona what he thinks of him and he'll tell you:

      "I think Rooney is better than Kaka"

      This was his comment AFTER Kaka lifted the Ballon D'Or in 2007


    • He's the heart and soul of the team, it's as simple as that, we never play to our potential when he's not in the side. He's committed, skilful, a great passer, has a way of striking the ball that reminds me of Bobby Charlton, and the most important thing, he loves United.

      It's been said before, he has the ability, even when we are not playing well, to create something from one special move, or trick, bit of skill, or just sheer determination.

      I have said for a long while, he is a future United captain, he has that desire and tanasity that Robbo had.

    • I have to wonder how much attention you've been paying. Rooney beats defenders all the time. He doesn't go on long, mazy runs like Ronaldo, but if he has the ball, and a couple of defenders to beat he can take it past them, or spot the right pass to put smeone else in on goal.

      He has headed goals, and headed well, but prefers to wait outside the box on corners, to hit the kind of long range shots you say you haven't seen (one of Rooney's best United goals was the volley he hit against Boro in the cup a couple of seasons ago (or the lob)).

      He may not have scored like Ronaldo, but he always gets around 20 goals a season, and the telling stats are goals scored and created, where he was second only to Ronaldo last season, and ahead of Berba.

      You are right that Rooney's skills don't lie in any one area, he is a great all-round attacking player. Phrasing that as being 'average' is a very misleading way of putting it though.

      And I'm sorry, but most United fans expect and constantly see Rooney delivering 'something special'. Just this season, we've seen matches where Rooney really took the game by the scruff of the neck, when the rest weren't dong their best, and moments where he has quite simply won the game for us (City, for example - a god instance of Rooney showing poacher skills).

    • I would say pretty damn good, the test being that just about every other Premiership club would want him in their team.

      Bit of a silly question to ask really.....

    • Another excellent post. I agree with most of what you say. But here's the daft thing: I ALWAYS expect something special to happen when Rooney gets the ball in the way that only special players can do. So the only conclusion is you MUST be wrong somewhere, but I can't put my finger on it, yet!

      When Ronaldo get's the ball I expect him to shoot even if he's in our penalty area. If Tevez gets the ball I expect him to do any one pass, dribble or shoot. With Berbatov I expect him not to get the ball, that he'll just stand and watch it rolling to a defender. Strange ...