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  • sticker sticker Feb 3, 2009 00:33 Flag

    How good is Rooney?

    Perhaps some people know Rooney better than I do as they keep saying he is very good but I really don't quite know where the "very good" comes from. :D

    That is why I really hope someone with better knowledge would just tell me what they know about Rooney and how really good he is.

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    • Simple really. He is one of the top 10 footballers in the world There is no club anywhere that wouldn't have him.

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      • Well said mate. The only problem with Wazza is the way the English press have over-hyped the lad up as the next Linekar, Pele, Charlton or whatever and that typical tabloid stupidity has followed him around since day one. Still what does he care, not even 25 yet and has the biggest prizes in club footy already on the mantlepiece. Multi millionaire, happily married and playing for the best club in the world. All you knockers take note. He ain't talking about you now. Is he!

    • Whilst you wait:

      Does have one hell of a shot and can shoot and score from long range. Great technique, been a while but can't forget those volleys esp. that one for Everton against Arsenal.

      Reasonably quick, beats players by pace not by dribbling. 99% a great touch on receiving the ball, tackles for it, reacts quickly and is aware of other players to pass to - doesn't always shoot himself from impossible angles like Ronaldo. Would have scored many more goals if CR wasn't so selfish. Must have a quick footballing brain - remember the lobbed goals.

      Also engages a couple of defenders most of the time and puts himself about. He doesn't let the defenders relax - forces errors. Can score with head but obviously the lack of height makes him not so prolific there.

      I also think he urges on his own team to better things with his infectious enthusiasm. The guy wants to play in every game.

      Still doesn't look like a lot of reasons - but one hell of footballer.

    • 'Perhaps some people know Rooney better than I do as they keep saying he is very good but I really don't quite know where the "very good" comes from. :D ' That's probably because you know f**k all about football

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      • Wayne Rooney is one of the best talents produced in this country ever. He's got the natural gift of having time on the ball whereas others struggle and he's lethal---but.
        He's hit a deviation in the road for me, a point where Sir Alex needs to clamp down on him and fast. Aggression is one of the strong points in his game. But now when he should be in the top 3 players in the world he still shows glaring immaturity.
        You reds won't agree, but you must worry whenever he gets a bit heated and that's pretty often.