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    Man United smash Chelseas record

    4 years ago a Chelsea team won the league with what at the time was considered the most boring football anyone had ever played while taking the title.

    Man United will smash that record if they take the title, they steal all joy and entertainment out of football in their games. They play a negative style which helps them grind out terribly dull 1-0 victories, with no concern that football is meatn to be ENTERTAINING.

    United continue to bore their opposition and the watching public to tears with their style.

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    • Quote from my friend:
      "The difference between United and Chelsea is that Chelsea are a defensive team, and United defend well. They would score a goal and shut the other team out, and camp in their half, while we keep attacking, which leaves us open to attack, and they defend well subsequently. No commentator has called us boring during this run of clean sheets, and I've not met anyone who described us as boring."

      Defensive team vs. Defending well: A good distinction, I think.

    • United are out there to win, leader. It's up to other managers to find a way of breaking them down.
      Fine winning 4-2 then losing 3-4 stuff like that. That gets you mid table and pressure on the manager.
      If the Hammers had gone in front today by a couple you'd have seen the horns come out. That clean sheet record is to be admired.

    • Come on, even the Liverpool fan thinks you're talking rubbish (and credit to him for how he's responded to the result). These 1-0's are not reflective of a negative approach, but for the most part, reflective of playing against decent opposition, most of whom have taken points off the rest of the top 4.

      The team that won the Double Double, recognised as being a hugely exciting team, won a lot of that season 1-0, with Cantona getting the goal and Schmeichel keeping a clean sheet, exemplified by the game against Newcastle at St. James'.

    • Get over it you silly fool, even If It pains me to say It, there defence looks rock solid and they are looking big favorites now.