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    All Man U fans are plastic glory hunters

    You all know nothing about football and have no affection for the sport clearly. None of you mind your team is killing the game in England by grinding out abysmal boring 1-0 vctories every week.

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    • Why so jealous of the great Man Utd is it that when we want to play attacking football we are the best in world football at that. when we want to break records defending we break them when we want to win leagues we do it when we want to win cups we do it.plus Man Utds way is the only way.And another thing why did kaka and messi say the only 2 clubs in england that play football the rigth way are MAN UTD and Arsenal and kaka also said liverPOO are a typical english team who kill the game and will not let other teams play plus Man Utd have to play against 11 men behind the ball at all times and still they win and win and win and win and win and win and win and another thing the great Man Utd had to rebuild there club again after the munich disaster if that had not happened MAN UTD would have at least 30 odd leagues and at least 10 european cups,but the likes of you who does not have a clue about football goes on about s_ _t just like your team liverpoo they are boring have no class and all they seem to talk about is the past your really grabbing at straws when you talk about Man Utd. When you talk about the biggest club in world football and the best club in the world theres only one MAN UTD and Man Utd are so young that they will dominate world football for years and years to come remember liverpoo are a small club compared to the Great MANCHESTER UNITED THERE STADIUM IF YOU CAN CALL IT THAT IS THIRD RATE AND THEY HAVE A CONVICT PLAYING FOR THEM IF HIS MATE BARTON GOT 6 MONTHS HE SHOULD GET 12 MONTHS HE IS A SCUM BAG THAT gerrard PICKING ON A MAN ON HIS OWN I WOULD LIKE TO SEE gerrard AND HIS MATES PICK ON SOMEONE WHO COULD DEFEND THEMSELFS gerrard going down can,t wait for that day lol.GLORY GLORY MAN UTD CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD.Giggs is the man ask anyone who knows about football he is the best player to grace the PL since the start that cannot be said about any of the scums team....................

    • F Uck you. Id rather win 1-0 any day than get beat beat by ipswich 8-0. i remember the latter and its wasnt much fun so keep the 1-0s coming. Oh and dont we have the best goal difference in the premiership !!!!!

    • That's because the REALLY boring teams want top play with 11 men behind the ball ALL the time. What is really amazing is that we manage to score a goal through the crowds of defenders.

      I love it, keep playing that way. If you don't attack you won't score but we will!

    • We love it keep it up fool we know wer'e doing well ...when you talk s*it....WEEEEEEE!

    • United may win 1-0 but they never win in a boring way as they will always continue to attack regardless of where they play.

    • Yes we have our plastic support as do liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea, Everton, West Ham, Villa etc etc and the rest, but the majority of United's support are real fans. United's away support is second to none and knowledgable football fans recognise it as such.

      United have history; true fans know that. We also have a huge variety of songs not the same old rubbish that you get from Pompey, WBA etc etc.

      BTW, its Manchester United or Man United. Never Man U. Then again, you're a knob you wouldn't know that.

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      • Oscar comes out with this sh1te..."We also have a huge variety of songs not the same old rubbish that you get from Pompey, WBA etc etc"

        Shame you dullards don't sing them at Old Trafford though, a few thousand of my lot made more noise than 70+ thousand manUre fans in your own backyard!

        Come on, denying manUre has the largest majority of plastic fans is just leaving yourself open to ridicule Oscar, you fcukers always claim to be the best supported club in the world, and if that's the case, then it's obvious you'll have millions of people who claim to follow your club, but have never and I repeat NEVER set foot in Old Trafford to ever watch manUre play a home match for real...

        ...people like this I don't class as REAL club supporters! :oP

        Oink Oink!