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  • Haggis Heed Haggis Heed Feb 9, 2009 02:38 Flag

    All Man U fans are plastic glory hunters

    Oscar comes out with this sh1te..."We also have a huge variety of songs not the same old rubbish that you get from Pompey, WBA etc etc"

    Shame you dullards don't sing them at Old Trafford though, a few thousand of my lot made more noise than 70+ thousand manUre fans in your own backyard!

    Come on, denying manUre has the largest majority of plastic fans is just leaving yourself open to ridicule Oscar, you fcukers always claim to be the best supported club in the world, and if that's the case, then it's obvious you'll have millions of people who claim to follow your club, but have never and I repeat NEVER set foot in Old Trafford to ever watch manUre play a home match for real...

    ...people like this I don't class as REAL club supporters! :oP

    Oink Oink!

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    • There are people from all over the world who follow United with absolute devotion, knowing the stats for every player, watching every match, etc. Who cares if they don't have the means to get to the UK, let alone OT? Not that we don't have Plastic fans, who will go back to supporting Arsenal if our fortunes drop, but that doesn't mean they're the majority.

    • The point is that all the clubs wanted the Big Money EPL with its commercial activity, huge TV deals, etc, and all tried to get their snouts in the trough, with varying degrees of success (Leeds, anyone?). This led to a huge increase in the amount of people watching football, whether at the grounds or in front of TV screens; and many of these people had not previously been interested in football, but were converted via marketing, the media, etc.

      But you can't single out one club simply because they were more successful at exploiting this situation than the others.

      If you want to talk 'plastic' - where the fuck were Hull and Wigan's fans before they achieved EPL status?

      Who cares, anyway? The game is commercially-driven at the top level. If you don't like that, then go and watch non-league football, for Pete's sake! I do - it's fun, but I still watch United also.

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      • Most of the people wasting time in here are plenty old enough to remember that OT was always full, even when the scousers won the title on average every other year. and we managed second 2 or 3 times in the same period.
        What doesnt seem to have clicked with a lot of people is that the last 16 years at United have added stupendous momentum to what was already a massive legacy.
        We'll only know how much it's added once old purple face has packed it in (end of next season, I guarantee it). We'll have to see if Fabio, followed by O'Neill, can keep it going, but United will be the worlds biggest football club for decades to come, no matter what.