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  • sticker sticker Feb 19, 2009 22:26 Flag

    No one here is worried of Inter, uh?

    No one talks about Inter?

    Mourinho opted not to use the bizarre Materrazi who was proned to take red cards game after game but instead he chose to use the resurgent "The Wall" Walter Samuel. Walter Samuel was nicknamed "The Wall" becuase he is literally, well, the wall. Together with Chivu and Cambiasso playing as the role like what Monster Masch played with Liverpool, it forms a very solid backline. And if some people think Man Utd would easily break them down, they would have to think again. Not to mention the ever solid, reputable and experienced Zanetti who somehow played in the midfield these days.

    Ibrahimovic is on top form all the time (almost). I can't imagine how he could do that consistently, no wonder Mourinho said he should have been the best in the world. Adriano is back to his deadly form in time and if someone could bring back his best form from some bizarre habits of him it would only be the one "Special One", Mourinho. Two dangerous strikers, plus the ever dangerous Stankovic and Zanetti (again), it would take some performance of Man Utd backline to stop them.

    Talk about Ibrahimovic again, I saw the match Inter against Milan, his shot was very powerful. Cambiasso is not only solid as a holding midfield, he can also do the Scholes-like long range shot to surprise you, as if he were Monster Masch and Scholes combined. Just that he isn't featured in the Argentina Squad this day doesn't mean he is nothing, perhaps because Monster Masch is there effectively already.

    The goalkeeper Julio Cesar, I remember he was the no.1 goalkeeper of Brazil during the last friendly game against Italy. Not only he played well against Milan, in fact the whole team played supremely well against Milan. It was a bit surprise for me as I thought Inter would defend and counter-attack when they took the lead. Not really, they continued attack Milan and played really smoothly and it was Milan who had to counter-attack when they lost the ball. Quite a surprise.

    Man Utd vs Fullham, overall performance was okay. But somehow I saw a weakness in the attack (or it could be called a weakness). When several players including the strikers were in good positions in the box to score right away, some of the midfielders just shot right away instead of crossing or passing the ball to them. I saw it happen several times and as if it rendered the striking players useless in the box i.e. some midfielders just wasted the shot. They could have passed them instead. I somehow felt the team still lacked of some creativity in midfield (that could be why a lot of shooting coming from midfield instead of great passes). Only Giggs and Scholes you could count on them to pass creatively. Occasionally Carrick and Park were creative too. Ronaldo was just too "selfish" to always shoot for himself. His passing just wasn't there, wasn't good enough if you watched closely. As long as the team keep winning, it would be okay. But somehow I think the team especially the midfield should do more creative pass instead of shooting themselves. It is the time to let the strikers do their jobs now, no more heavily relying on Ronaldo's goals,so as the strikers not to be rusty, but you have to start creating things in the midfield first.