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  • A Yahoo! User Feb 23, 2009 00:44 Flag

    Man United to cheat their way to title... again?

    I agree, manc b sounds like a typical man united fan.

    man u fans don't have any shame, which is fair enough I suppose. Its something you learn to accept. It's just their view on the world. They don't care how they win, be it through cheating or stealing enjoyment out of the game. They just want to win trophies anyway they can.

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    • Yes, yes, it's rue, and we also sacrifice puppies to our evil god Kezteliopatan to stop him from letting Fergie leave the club. And we each agree to kill a referee's loved one if he dares make a decision against us.

      Seriously, you should go all out and add lizard people to your theories. United play well, and we enjoy watching them play well AND win. Your desperation to rubbish United is etting tiresome - when we win 1-0, we're killing the game, when we win by more we're cheating.

      Seriously, just grow up. Ths is childish and boring. If Arsenal and the rest were better, United wouldn't have been able to make up the difference in points anyway, but they've proved themselves to be the best team in the Premiership last season, and so far, this season. Deal with it.