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    The 'Other' Big Game This Week...

    Morning Mancs,
    Well we are breathing ever so slightly easier this morning and suddenly Sundays final doesnt look so daunting.
    I think we are going to have to go for it as its a backdoor route into Europe again next season and ..well...weve had FA else to cheer about this season.
    You guys have a massive test tonight and what with the injuries you are carrying you are going to want to field your strongest side for the return leg.
    We all know you have enough of a squad to field 2 quality sides so I expect even if you start with a young line up on Sunday you will have enough on the bench to alter the game should it be needed.
    How do you lot see it panning out? Is it possible you may suddenly see this games as not as vital as it might have been say a week or so ago?
    Am I clutching at straws and false hope?? haha.......
    I know its difficult to find a serious and cordial football debate on (all) these boards these days but im happy to give it a go if anyone else is...
    regards EY

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    • Why is that?

    • So your philosophy is this.......'If you cant beat the cnuts, become a cnut'?
      No thanks...........I prefer to beat the cnuts wherever possible.

      shame you had to dash....dont forget to wash your hands afterwards.

    • United will certainly want to win the CC. Losing any final hurts. But SAF will certainly use the full breadth of the squad. To me the only reason he didn't play Van der Sar against Blackburn was to give Kuszczak a full competitive game before the final. Spurs have done really well in this competition in spite of all the problems in the EPL. They look like holders who want to defend their trophy; and United will want to build up trophy momentum for what could be a fantastic season. Recipe for a great final.

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      • You see what I mean when I say.. 'trying to have a football debate in a cordial manner'.........I, a yid, post a message about a spurs v man u game on the man u board and a plastic goon like slayer hijacks it to sl*g us both off then attempts to talk up his own side!
        Of course I shouldnt be surprised....he's a c*ck...we all know that.........but Im baffled by his motivation.
        Still thanks to the Mancs who did reply....it will be a good final and lets hope the winners deserve it.....unless its us then I'll take an underserved victory any day!!

    • Fergie will stick with a line-up that has a good blend of youth with experience. He's always used this cup to test his young up and coming reserves, and they've done a good job this year. I fully expect that they will play in the final. As you say there will probably be a strong bench with the likes of Ronaldo and Rooney there if needed.
      It should be a good game, and hope our young players rise to the challenge once again.
      I think Spurs have a greater chance of winning it than they did a few weeks ago, the return of Defoe and Keane has given you more strength up front that you were lacking. You've also signed a very good player in Wilson Palacios.
      I honestly think we'll beat you, but it will be a close game and one thats hopefully very entertaining.

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      • Lot on your plate this week, Essex, but so have the Reds the best team in the land, starting tonight. Sunday's the only one that Ferguson to me and at the back of United's players minds isn't that crucial.
        Hence if Spurs are up for it and when Harry stops complaining about full time athlete's mega bucks rewarded workload it could be on.

      • Spurs having to play on Thursday isnt helping much from a yid point of view. Then again, at least you'll know if this is the only back door available and last night will be a big boost I'm sure.
        We are clearly going to give you a bit of a chance, expect to see Nani, Gibson, and I reckon Eckersley in the team. We might be forced to play Rio and Vidic as we havent got anything else though.
        For any of the big 4 who are expecting to get into the champs league anyway, this competition doesnt normally register, but given the circumstances this year, both with the team he's played in it and the possibility of doing something no one is ever going to see again, I will be treating this with the respect it rarely gets.
        I know the runners up in the FA cup get a UEFA slot if the winners are champs league bound, but I guess this one just gets thrown back into the league if you lose. Can anyone clarify that ?.

      • I think you'll find both Defoe(injured) and Keane (cup tied) are both missing from our line up. Campbell isnt allowed to play due to hsi loan agreement so we are stuck with Pav and Bent. Mind you last night showed we have a few goals in us from elsewhere so who knows.
        It will be a close thing I agree and its a cup match...they have a tenedency not to follow established rules and reputations.....I was just pondering when I started this thread if you lot may take your eye off the ball ever so slightly due to your CL matches and injuries?