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  • GREGORY GREGORY Mar 2, 2009 16:05 Flag

    from a spurs fan

    congrats on yesterdays win, Im glad we turned up and gave you a game

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    • It's good to see football discussion between opposing fans for a change.
      Spurs had a very good game and I agree they could have at least scored. Even though I didn't think this yesterday ( I was in a Spurs heavy bar) I do hope that you stay up. In fact this season has been so good for unpredictable results from the so called lesser teams versus the "top teams" that it would be a shame to see any team relegated.

      More trophies this season? Way too early to count those chickens for so many reasons, but more so in the cups where any freak incident can kill it for you. AC Milan fans will certainly agree with that.

    • fair enough , although you do have tons of quality in the squad to fill the trophy cabinet , whats your felling for Berbagod? (we loved him at spurs)