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    Sour grapes from Fergie and the fans


    What a f^cking shower of bitter and twisted ignorant losers we have here on this ManUre board. Shaming their club and themselves just like old Whiskey Nose who will never be regarded alongside the true greats like Clough, Busby, Shankly and Paisley with such laughable comments as this...

    "It is a hard one to take because I thought we were the better team and the score does not reflect that,"

    He's obviously been on the Bell's again the senile drunken Jock cnut

    "Better team?" after being slaughtered 4 f^cking 1 at home?

    and here's some other dyck heads to laugh at who can't take their medicine either...

    Ian Harris (so BITTER he's sh^tting LEMONS)

    "Every great team has one off day." boo hoo

    "We beat you twice last season," (boo hoo, old news)

    "Are you going to continue being a pathetic little wanker until Liverpool lose or draw their next match ?" boo hoo

    "still jerking off" boo hoo

    "Thanks Liverpool, you've just handed United the title" boo hoo keep sucking on those sour grapes harris you maggot.

    Christine the Coward

    "so its not going to be significant come May... " boo hoo

    "Rafa signing his contract hopefully will be the silver lining from todays cloud" boo hoo

    "before we even get the chance to see what impact our 3 changes would have made." boo hoo hoo

    and here's the best so far though

    Kevin D (Canadian plastic)
    "Exactly why would this defeat be humiliating and crushing? " PMSL

    And now the obituaries

    mongo Pearce
    embarrassed, shamed - not a peep


    seven of eleven

    MIA hopefully commited suicide

    Best of all though, not ONE of these plastic plebs was at the game. Keyboard warriors one and all. Embarrassed and Humiliated. Just like their overrated piece of shyte club.

    Keep sucking on those sour grapes until you piss vinegar you sad ManUre cnuts.

    ManUre 1 – Liverpool FC 4 (game played at Old Trafford)

    The WORST home defeat for you since 1993.

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