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  • Haggis Heed Haggis Heed Mar 15, 2009 23:20 Flag

    Sour grapes from Fergie and the fans

    Great post Sir Alan, some good points posted about SAF and some of the plastics on here and their sour grapes!

    Only singing when they're winning....manUre.

    I see the Moderator is making some good points too, there does seem to be a lack of the usual braggers AWOL all of a sudden!

    No surprises there then! Hehehehe

    I wonder if botch will make some comment about this post, like making some reference to the geordies and NUFC like he always does when I take the mickey?

    Are you claiming to have chinned Lee Bowyer in your own little fantasy world lately then? You complete and utter TALE TELLER & LIAR! ;o)