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    Good afternoon my deluded and completely deflated manc fans. The Moderator can exclusively reveal that the debate over who is the BEST is now finally over.

    That's right mancs, Zinedine Zidane has spoken so I suggest you listen:-

    "Steven Gerrard is the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD."

    Not Messi. Not Kaka. And certainly not MIA Ronaldo!

    "He has great passing ability, can tackle and scores goals, but most importantly he gives the players around him confidence and belief.

    "You can’t learn that — players like him are just born with that presence." -ZZ

    On the back of ZZ's endorsement, Real have valued Gerrard at a minimum of £180m.

    I think that smack in the mouth just about completes a thoroughly MISERABLE weekend for you plastics.

    Digest & Enjoy.

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    • The Moderator is living in cloud cucko land - Gerrard is obviously a good player and, for Liverfool, very very good ... he's got 4-5 years left and only those City planks would pay silly money for him ... and even they're not stupid enough to offer twice what they'd pay for Kaka

      Clearly it would be expecting too much from some sad gloating Liverfool fans to see Saturday's game as it really was ... the glorious Manchester United, who will go on to win the Premiership, ran the mid-field, dominated possession, corners and shots, but were fortuitously beaten by 2 (of many) big punts up field and a couple of howlers

      The statistics don't lie ... which is why you've only won 4 out of our last 20 mtgs and why we're 4 points clear with a game in hand and still with a better goal difference

      Just a minor hiccup on the road to a pile of silverware, in a season where the scouse scum will be left with nothing but a lucky double to crow over ... tell the old caretaker at Scamfield not to bother breaking the seal on the trophy cabinet

    • Is this the best player that's going to pick up no trophy's at end of the season...

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      • Surely you Value the Champions League higher than that dont
        you? A sixth Cup will be rather sweet. Did you know that your
        side gets to keep the Cup permanently after a fifth win??
        Hmmmm.....no , I suppose you wouldn't know that. Don't reckon
        you lot will ever get one. Tsk tsk.

        Wasn't that a fantastic result Saturday? Enjoyed it even more
        than the 2-1 arsekicking over at Anfield. And the best part......
        the absolute best part of all.......is that the incessant yapping
        and bragging of you mancwanks got rammed down your gobs.
        Stupid mouthy arrogance gets paid in full. Priceless.

    • "deluded and completely deflated manc fans"

      Why would be "completely deflated" exactly? Sure, it was a bad defeat to our bitter rivals, but where are Manchester United and Liverpool on the League table again?

      And although Zinedine Zidane's opinion would be highly regarded, it doesn't hold any water compared to the combined view of all the football managers and players who voted Cristiano Ronaldo the best in the world and who will not vote Messi (and rightly so) the best in the world for next year.

      Stevie G, though a very good player, hasn't got a chance.

      And since Zizou is retired and therefore cannot vote for his favourite players, his opinion means jacksh1t in the grand scheme of things.