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  • i see the usual idiotic assembly of people on here. they are right with names tho, sir alan wiley and sir alan dowd, part of the new premier league incentive to make the title a race instead of a procession, so send off and book united for anything and everything. scholes, no problem, dont know how it can be deemed deliberate but there you go. rooney, well he commited his 1st foul, got booked, we are 2 down get a free kick he wants it taken quickly so throws it to giggs, but the ref is the only person on the field so must have thrown it at him, all the other players standing around him were a figment of waynes imagination. what gets me is john pantsil?
    booked for scything park down, then fells ronaldo, then chops dow evra and evra gets booked for diving when replays show he clearly was taken out, and then pantsil rakes his leg in ronaldos thigh, stud marks clearly visible, and stil no 2nd yellow. now im not bothered we lost as fulham played very well, but if refs want respect then be consistent. 1 player commits 4 fouls, 3 of which were bookable, and another player commits 1 foul and throws a ball in the direction of where the free kick is to get on with the game.

    2 refs in a week that can be given the freedom of merseyside or west london for poor poor performances and haveus losing 3 players for our next game. credit fergie for not blowing his top or ranting about favourable decisions to other chasing teams, we are bigger and better than that and if we win the title we have worked for it against biased refs and inane prem officials who refused to move our game against villa to a saturday as we play porto on the tuesday, giving us 48 hours to prepare, yet other teams get their pampered wishes catered for. but we will ear it, if it goes slightly further up the road, it will be a tarnished title as they have had help from official sources.
    so all united fans, stand up, be proud and be counted, and if we manage to overcome all the obstacles that are being laid in front of us, lets make sure we pepper the boards that matter, and do it for a long time. but always keep your id, we ont need multis like a lot of them, because we are proud to be in the family of the all conquering manchester united f.c.

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