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  • A Yahoo! User Mar 24, 2009 02:12 Flag

    For the Love of God STOP BITING!!!

    Its to be expected that we have so many MORONS here talking tough in our darkest hour, have you ever known this place to be any different?

    By responding to their complete and utter GARBAGE posts you are just feeding the monster, and giving them exactly what they want!

    Laugh off their unoriginal and predictable taunts, its all they have!

    The gooners have NOTHING to play for, they are a CHEAP imitation of a once fine team trying to replace great players with mickey mouse look-a-likes who belong in the championship and league one, a collapse by us is about as good as it gets this season...OUCH!

    As for Liverpool, this is the highest they have flown in 20 years, they have suffered for so long watching us win trophy after trophy, and even now its impossible for them to win more than us this season....But its still in OUR hands! It gets worse, Rafa has signed a new contract, dont be fooled by their RIDICULOUSLY defiant celebrations, they all must be absolutely DEVASTATED by this JOKE signing on (pun intended). As Rafa would say - FACT!

    I believe half term is coming up soon, so dogs and slayer are only going to spam this place even more with their 15 ID's a day, lets weather the storm, use a bit of common sense here, stick together, divided we fall, UNITED we stand...3 more trophies up for grabs, lets enjoy!

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    • Mirror! Mirror!!

      worzel, it's all well and good sitting on your high horse telling others what to do and what not to do on a message board, but the fact of the matter is you're the biggest cnut in this forum, you've sunk low to the extend of threatening Jigsaw as one of those on your "hitlist", what was that all about Butch or shall we call you Worzel Killer henceforth. You're the biggest joker on this board son, not Lynden who also comes in at a distant third after second placed Cheltenham cnut. The lot of you deserve each other - a bunch of fools.

    • "why do you NEVER put your real name on here"

      You amaze me lynden, you have made a few posts about people being cowards for not putting their real names on here, and you brag about the fact that you do .... you even posted your address.

      Then in another post you're on about people accessing your Facebook page and downloading pics of your kids .... pics that YOU posted on a public web site.

      If you were really concerned about your family, why would you post your name and address on a public forum?

      Instead of blaming everyone else, you need to look at yourself, and all the stupid things you've done with regards to your family's privacy.

      Anyone who posts personal details on here is an idiot, and that includes teepee.


    • hhahahaaaha!!

      This is so rich coming from the mother of all c*nts on this board.

      Here's an idea why don't you take your own advice and put this same thread up on the Gooner board telling them all to ignore the c*nt that you are!

      That would be refreshing......wouldnt it?

    • wether what storm...messiah...it's great fun and i hope they keep it up...theyr'e funny i need more...we'll go and destroy them when we win another prem...and they sink to their usual position ...of nout...bring it on...more...

    • lol, something tells me you've been on here longer under a different name, but just in case I'm wrong I'd not share any personal information if I were you. There are some on here who seem to get wet dreams over finding out personal details.

      Someone posted the name, address, and telephone number of someone with a similar name as me living in Ohio. For some reason they thought that was a real laugh. Not sure the poor guy on Ohio found it so funny.

    • Ian is incredibly thick Dogs and that's why he does what he is told by his puppetmasters John S, Butch and Le Poof.

      The fact that he comtinually thinks everyone on here including me is either you or Slayer proves that point beyond doubt. He is the original Monkey see Monkey do mate.

      Ever noticed how he comes on for five minutes, gets roasted then has to go lie down for 2 hours. Dodgy ticker mate. I guarantee it.

      Over 50 Harris? you're havin a laugh!!!!!!

    • You talk about my girlfriend while thinking about your boyfriend .

    • Hi dsteer
      I just heard you got done a while back through carelessness.
      Does it really get that personal on here as if so im out of here.
      What happened.
      If you dont mind me asking
      If you dont wish to divulge fair enough.

    • Tee, fair enough if you see if different, there is not point either one of us getting hot over this. I do still stand behind my post that there are idiots on all boards, and god knows who they really support. Best course is to try and ignore them.

      I don't always practice that advice, and in fact responding to the originator of this thread is a case in point. He's spent plenty of time on the LFC board throwing out post very similar to the kind now being complained about.

    • Dave, you're not the sort of chap that anyone would unnecessarily want to get upset at. But I'm going to have to leave this as you're unwilling to see that your first post here is a mistake.

      When I see black and white all you see are many shades of grey.

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