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    I saw this topic on the Liverpool board and thought I should start similar thread on our board.

    Here's my own story to set it off.

    I started supporting United when we won the treble in 1999, I haven't looked back since then. Although, it has to be said my local team is the Milton Keynes Dons, I must confess I haven't had the time to watch their live matches as I'd have liked since my gran passed away 3 years ago. If that makes me a glory hunter and all that, so be it. United is the only club for me now.

    Feel free to tell the board your own story!

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    • I have been a fan of United since I was a boy.I went to my first game in 1959 and have supported the team through the lean years and the fruitful

    • lol slippery when wet...it's a funny insult...i don't like what it's associated with but i gotta admit it's funny.

    • Agree with you there hate

    • The incident what goes around comes around how could you talk of the dead like that those players who'd died that tragic day where the best players the world had seen liverpool were not in man utd shadow back then and are still not i hope you are cursed any time you watch your team play they will lose you sick sc*mbag.

    • My first real Man Utd experience was seen Norman whiteside score the winner against everton in the FA cup final i had followed Man Utd before that but not with much interest i was brought up from a child a Man Utd supporter my idol was the great Brian Robson what a player there has being no other player since Robbo that could take a game and win it single handed he was the complete midfielder Roy Keane would not lace his boots when both where in there prime Brian Robson is Man Utd.

    • I don't think that's true slayer you complete W@nker.

    • I was born on the year Liverpool last won their title and fours years after that i had some knowledge about United but it wasn't good enough till i was 7. It was my dad who fed me all this knowledge. I've to admit I've never been to old trafford. I've only watched them on the telly here in Singapore.

      Sure i'd like to watch all their matches at the stadiums but I can't cause I have to complete my National Service before I can even leave the country but I'm happy watching at the comforts of my home or a pub.
      Why I love them? I wouldn't have enough space to write it. This club has so much history and well the story of Munich and what went on from there really made me admire this club even more.

    • 3rd time at least this sort of thread has been started..
      Born in Firswood, Stretford , half a mile from OT, into Anglo-Irish catholic United supporting family. First taken to OT by my Dad just after Munich. Lived many places, currently 1,500 miles away , but I still bleed Manchester and United.

    • just keep casting that line, mate.
      Maybe I'll bite ... one day.

      Anyway, back on topic, seeing as all my family were United fans and the fact that I grew up on Ayres Rd in Old Trafford, there really wasn't any other team I could support.
      My cousin used to take me to the games from about 5 or 6 years old ('78/79) and then started going with friends from around 13 ('86). Started with the Stretford End before moving on to United Road.
      Haven't been back in England for a couple of years but I'll be back on May 22nd ... just in time for the end of a (hopefully) fantastic season!

    • Since 1966. I wasn't even aware of football until then, only knew rugby. Started supporting because of Bobby Charlton. Didn't get to see them play until 1970. Since then have been on the rollercoaster ride down to the old 2nd division through to the Treble and beyond. Have loved every minute of it.

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      • My great great grandad played for Newton Heath in the the forming years having been tranferred from Stoke City. He was given a job in the mines but allowed time off to play and practice. My dad was also a United supporter and my own grandad supported the blue half of Manchester but I really became a United fan in 1977. There's been highs and lows throughout but nothing better than watching the CL in Moscow last year. A great and memorable night. My own son suffers the same wonderful addiction and our United blood will flow for many generations to come.

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