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  • Psst Manckeys.

    After exposing Butch as vlad and The Blues A earlier I can now confirm he is also behind this Moderator fake ID as well.

    He uses a fake email address for his old online adversary 'tnyahern' who hasn't been on the boards for months. Butch then uses dogs of war IDs such as DOW66 or The Moderator (both faked) to hide behind and spread his googled state of the world nonsense from newpapers and you tube..

    All traced and confirmed.

    'Wise Son' also under suspicion of being Butch. TBC

    Only the Real Shadow knows


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    • 'who hasn't been on the boards for months'

      Really? How do you know what people get up to?!

      You are really wasting your life away trying to accuse everyone of being someone else, forgetting the fact you're incorrect 95% of the time, NO ONE cares mate!

      You just wont succeed in tarnishing peoples 'reputations' here!