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    games running out for lfc

    only 6 left and still no inroads made.

    next 2 games

    lpool v arsenal
    united v pompey

    hull v lpool
    united v spurs

    dont see much changing here

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    • They play before us every time for the next 4 matches.
      Arsenal will have spent saturday playing chelsea, the scousers picking their noses.
      Liverpool should win all of these remaining matches they've got. They know they have to else we get two more chances to cock it up some more. I have to say that our run in looks much harder the closer it gets, especially if we pull it off on Wednesday. I think a lot of scousers will secretly want us to sneak past Porto in order to cram our schedule. I think if we put up a good fight but fail the EPL is ours, ironically.
      A headed winner from Micky for the Arse next week would be nice though.
      I've deleted most of the most worthless arsewipes, but it's still pretty scouse free in here this morning.

    • I do Definatly....Think about it..Arsenal are guaranteed 4 th spot..like we know..have to play Chelsea,in Cup semi.. than a poss F.A final .return of Villareal...and the poss semi's of the C/l....2 legs than poss C/L final...so why will they kill themselves against pool(like most teams haven't ) and face more injurie's of crucial player's at a crucial time of the season ..Galla's is already out for the season,and the keeper for a couple of week's ....i would love nothing better then Ars....to have a real go at pool...but what would be their gain...pride(with poss injurie's) v (poss Trophey's)....

    • Francenal could beat them for us, that would be nice. I'd take a draw though.

    • The only problem is,like you say Lester,Arsenal play Chelsea, in the cup..while l'pool pick whatever....then play l,pool......So they(Arse) are already guaranteed 4th spot,not their cup final,so might not bother as much(rest players etc).So i've got a horrible feeling,..a home win for pool...we should play most kids against Everton...to avoid burn out.....take a chance...

    • Thats the beauty of youthful raw talent, they are fearless, it never lasts, but is one hell of an advantage whilst it lasts.

      I say get him involved as much as possible (at the right times of course) from now until the end of the season.

      Berbatov isn't doing jack sh*t, Tevez's work rate costs him productivity, and Rooneys incredible talent is just wasted by Fergie at the moment. Macheda is our only hope upfront!

    • 17, comes on last week and puts himself about and scores "that" goal, then called upon today and with his 1st touch puts it in the net, the 1 thing he has in abundance more than any other united player at the moment is confidence, probably feels he can win us every game, and who could blame him eh. got a feeling he is already hated by the scousers, bless him haha

    • quite agree with you steve, play him with rooney behind, the beauty being everton wont know what to expect from macheda, i would start him, just 1 thing on berbatov, he is the player who could make the difference in the porto match, he is a different player and could be the 1 to win the game as he has that little something (when he wants to) to unlock the porto doors. if he does, please remember to comment lol

    • Its still early days for the lad, but he's certainly made one heck of a first impression. He's saved us from dropping points 2 games in a row now in impressive style. Its mouthwatering to think of the prospect of what sort of partnership him and Rooney could potentially form. From what i've watched of him in the reserves, and the last 2 weeks, he's exactly the sort of striker I wanted us to sign last summer, as appose to Berbatov. Macheda up top with Rooney roaming behind him could be a deadly duo one day. I hope he gets a few more chances before the end of the season. I doubt Fergie will, but I would be half tempted to stick him in against Everton in the FA Cup next weekend and see what hes really made of

    • Beba had a good game today, and produced a great run holding off 2/3 players before releasing the ball to Rooney, whose cross made Scholes goal. He's had he's fits and starts this season, but I believe we will benefit from having him in the side, as he's totally different from most forwards. The lad has class. Ala Cantona!

    • I agree Lynden, Berbatov is usually brilliant in the CL. However the Rooney-Tevez partnership should never have been tampered with, I want to see those two together more.

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