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    Rafa has Fergie on a STRING!!!!!

    Classic, Fergie ranting like a big girl about Rafa.
    He's losing it!
    He's bottled your FA chances, treating the competition with contempt.
    Take it on the chin you big girls and stop whining like the lil pussies most of your are.

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    • According to Shearer's agent he wanted to join Liverpool when he left Blackburn, but they couldn't afford him (after all - it was a World Record fee!). Also,according to his agent, he felt that the pressure would be too much at OldTrafford, and worried that he wouldn't be able to cope (bottler!). He also felt that Newcastle would be too much of a goldfish bowl, but in the end he had little choice. Also his wage demands were higher than United's inflexible wage ceiling allowed at the time, and Martin Edwards was absolutely resolute in his refusal to break the wage structure. You are right that Fergie wanted him, but Edwards was adamant in his refusal to sanction such a deal, so consequently a bid was never made. So quite how a player turns down a club that didn't make a bid for him is a bit baffling: I suppose that is what passes for logical analysis in Geordieland!

    • i was going to wish you luck in the prem jigs but oh diddums, looks like championship football as even my good luck cant save you, here comes the titanic, its sinking fast ok fat boy and wipe that food off your chin.............no not that chin, the other 1 hohoho

    • Clearly the excruciating embarrassment of Rafa's rants has got to worldchumps and sepp platini if that's the most coherent comment they can muster on SAF's mind games. Rafa would do well to learn from SAF the master. Then you might be able to make an intelligent comment on the matter instead of your pathetic little whimperings on the subject to date.

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      • I love Jiggy though. Shitcastle hasn't won anything in years, will be in the Championship even though the supposed demi-god Shearer tried valiantly to save them. And he talks shit about Everton winning. And I do hope the next time Everton play United and Riley is the ref, SAF lets Moyes know that under Riley's shirt actually has a Everton badge on it.

    • This thread is about how "Rafa has Fergie on a string"

      Like I have you on a string! Hehehe

      Try and stick to the subject instead of waffling on and on about "Barcodes" just since you're bitter that Everton knocked manUre out of the FA Cup!!!!

    • So you don't want to talk about the Barcodes chances in the Championship then jigs ?

    • Oh come on, get with the plot! You've forgot to mention that he never goes to the games and only ever follows manUre via Yahoo webcasts.

      He's not even an armchair fan! Hahahaha

    • And here we have the ultimate glory hunting loser, banging on about having won '3 trophies already' this season.
      That's right, the same cnut who laughs at opposing teams when they win the charity shield or worthless cup, but crows about winning them when it suits.

    • Yes, but United have already won 3 trophies this season, and we're in the semi finals of the Champions League ( thats not the Championship, where the Barcodes will be next season), and is top of the Premiership , with a game in hand. Of course we'd have liked to have won the lot. Still 5 out of 6 won't be too bad.

    • I was going to wish you luck in the FA Cup, but oh didums, Everton just went and knocked manUre out! Hahahahahaha

    • Still, good luck in the Championship next season

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