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    Two Tier Premier League?

    What do people think of the idea for a two tier premier League, with 18 teams in each division?

    The proposal is for an EPL-1 and EPL-2, with 18 teams each, including Rangers and Celtic in the second tier.

    Three teams would be relegated from the last EPL season, and one team promoted from the Championship.

    Thereafter one team would be relegated and promoted each season.

    This will mean 34 league games per season instead of 38, allowing for a winter break.

    I think it's a good idea, apart from Rangers and Celtic, which would mean the death of some Scottish clubs who rely on the gate money from playing those teams to survive.

    I've said for a long time that the EPL should be 18 teams, and that was the original proposal.


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    • John S the red nosed Manky,
      had such a shiny nose,

      Still playing the hard man commie?

      What else have you got, apart from an over inflated ego and unlimited bullshit?

    • Can you imagine if you ever came to United, and went in the nearest pub to the ground (presumably you can Google that one!) and spouted your crap! You would be more hated than Leeds and the Scousers combined by the Mancunians and Salfordians who go in there. It is total tossers like you who give United supporters a bad name - Plastic Prawn Scum!!

    • How about scrapping the SPL anyway -- and at the start of every season just give the cups/championship/trophies etc to Celtic or Rangers perhaps on a rotational basis ever year or at the toss of a coin? They win everything anyway

      The money then could be saved by these poor people in heart of Middleothian or the supporters (23 of them) of Argyllshire bagpipe blowers could be spent could towards local education facilities of a more sensible diet from the oats and harsh whisky.
      Or nationally (in Scotland) the money could be redirected towards a more civilised education of the masses.

    • Hahaha, not getting your own way commie?

      I'll bet your face is as red as a beetroot!

      Keep trying, this is the funniest thing that's happened on here for weeks.



    • "Next"

      Certainly Butch..

      ""that makes me a better supporter than you, especially given the distances I had to undertake to get to games"

      then three months ago he syas

      "I've lived in Manchester , you've done nothing, my opinion is based on experience,"


      He appears to have run off tail between legs now. hehe



    • Answer the question - otherwise NOBODY will ever believe you used to go to United or that you have ever seen them play. Name the station - it can't be that hard as you were a loyal supporter back in the second division days, standing in the piss that streamed down the terraces amongst the working-class oiks that went to United in those days (before The Prawns arrived on the scene). Anyway, how's Lee Bowyer?

      BTW - I don't think I know it all: only cretins think that way; but I know a damn sight more than you!!!!

    • Keep squirming commie, and keep trying to convince people that you know it all, and that anyone who doesn't think like you isn't a proper supporter.

      You jump to MY tune commie, I don't jump to yours.



    • You are talking crap, as usual. I went to every home game in the second division (aged 12/13) and quite a few away games. And you definitely weren't at Millwall away for a start, as all the Specials didn't get through and there was very few of us who all knew each other. And if you were at Cardiff, I am sure you can tell me what happened there? Thought not - do I detect the smell of burning pants?

      Still, surely you can tell me the railway station that United fans used going to Old Trafford in those days. You must be Googling like a maniac, trying fans forums and EVERYTHING, and you still don't know!!!! What's your name? Billy Fisher?

    • Oh look, it's the working class snob trying to dictate terms again.

      Get it into your thick commie skull that you don't dictate to me, about anything, you're the one who always feels the need to justify yourself, because you're the one constantly coming up with "insider" bullshit that never comes true.

      The longer you keep it up, the clearer it becomes that you talk bollocks.

      I've supported United a lot longer than you, into the second division too, that makes me a better supporter than you, especially given the distances I had to undertake to get to games ..... so get used to it.



    • So when United and Fergie were saying that Wes was being greedy, are you seriously saying that Sky reported that Wes was after wage parity with O'Shea?

      Who am I? Somebody who actually has been to hundreds of games and knows what station everybody used in the seventies. Still not found your answer via Google? Yes,there has been a transport overhaul since then, which is why you can't answer!!!! Stick to Aussie Rules, Mate!!!

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