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  • Neil Neil Apr 21, 2009 16:16 Flag

    Liverpool - playing teams at right time

    So they face a tired and depleated Arsenal side tonight... oh well, lets hope they only are top for 24hours.

    Is it me or has the fixture list been very kind to Liverpool?!

    Sounds like I am clutching at straws... you're probably right!

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    • Neil, I am a great believer in the fact that after 38 games through autumn, winter and spring, the table never lies. I remember SAF saying this very magnanimously after the Blackburn win of the EPL in 1995, when the 'what ifs' of the United game with West Ham were a wafer thin margin between being champions and runners up. But it was not about an Andy Cole miss on that day, it was about the outcomes of 380 games of football over 9 months.You have to rely on the balance of order of fixtures, refereeing decisions, weather changes or any other external factor. You don't win the EPL because you managed to play a depleted side on any given day. I know where you are coming from mate, but a Liverpool fan might say why do we have to play Arsenal without Gerrard? If United want to retain the EPL crown for a 3rd successive year we have to do the biz one game at a time to retain our lead and the other contenders run out of games. It won't matter 2 hoots then when they played Arsenal or anybody else for that matter. Come on United!