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    Fergie is NERVOUS - Rafa


    In another astonishingly accurate verbal attack, Rafa Benitez has once again shown himself to be more than a match for Sir Red Nose off the pitch as well as on (two league defeats including a 4-1 THRASHING at OT this term by the mighty Red Machine) by saying the following in a Spanish newspaper interview

    " I believe that Ferguson can see that we are the better side, and that we are very close to United. He is clearly worried."

    "He has been accustomed to playing these types of mind games for many years. Nobody has ever said anything against him, or stood up to him before me. I try not to talk too much. But all I do when I speak is to defend my own team."

    "I see that he looks nervous, as he can see that we are very close to his team and he does not like it."

    It makes me proud to be a Red seeing such eloquently worded statements and with CARLOS TEVEZ now set to join us the future is indeed RED... LFC RED!

    Make the most of your FLUKES and mickey mouse CC and WCC trophies Mancs. Next season just like this, we will own you and once again solidify our status as the greatest club in British Football HISTORY"


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    • Good point, he's already given up on his own side! WIth fans like that, who needs enemies?

    • Getting your excuses in early are you Sepp? Let me see if I've got your logic right on the outcome of the EPL: If Liverpool win, the table never lies; if United win, quote "...it just shows what a flawed game footy really is". So the run of United clean sheets while Liverpool were getting a raft of draws constitutes playing crap all season does it? The only relevant point I get from your ridiculous post is that, while I for one still see that the title race is far from over, you have clearly already made your mind up that United are going to win, hence the need to get your illogical excuses in early. Nice one Sepp.

    • I totally agree with that.
      As for the nonsense that gets put on some of these boards, makes me wonder what goes on in peoples minds when they put comments like they do. Its a football forum nothing else so surely there should be a moderator to screen the vile posted on these forums. Banter is a good laugh but personal comments are out of order.
      Sorry to hear of your loss-nothing prepares you for it-i know ive been there!

    • I M ,at least you can discuss football with me, and for that you have my respect. Unlike your so-called fellow fan Sepp there who likes to write disgusting posts about the death of my father. But back to the subject. Yes we have spent big, but we ( United) have been extremely successful as well. Sometimes you have to speculate to accumulate.

    • You would of blown it out of the water if you had gone on to name more than 1 player Liverpool bought for £30mil but you cant. Fact is utd have quite a few they have paid £30mil for havent they??? I think Torres was about £23mil-worth every penny. I used Berbatov as an example because what i saw on sunday his performance and pen was terrible-even some of you lot said it as well!Btw i think hes a great player but comes across as not being team player unlike rooney who goes back and help the defence!

    • Awwww, is that all you can come up with scumbag ? Are you still taking your medics ?

    • rafa is nervous because more and more people cant stay awake to watch the hole of a liverpool match they are booooooooooring

    • You wrote that Liverpool didn't have the financial clout of United and Chelsea, and I've just blown that out of the water. Berbatov has scored 13 goals this season, and could be picking up a Premiership, and/or a Champions League winners medal. Thats worth a lot of money in itself.

    • When Sammy Lee said Rafa would not be indulging in the mind games any more I wondered how long it would take for Fatso Manuel to open his big mouth. Not even a week! Hee hee! He doesn't disappoint does he? What an embarrassment to his club after the manner in which he started this with his pathetic crib sheet rant. Only a blithering idiot like Sepp Platini could possibly defend it. And when the best he can do is say that United have had 19 years to overhaul LFCs domestic championship record you have to realise the idiot has literally no more straws to grab hold of. 19 years ago Liverpool's haul of first division titles looked impregnable. What United have achieved in the modern era is unbelievable. Sepp Platini should consider his selective statistic from the other angle - Liverpool have had 19 years yet failed to stretch that record by even 1. Keep up the rants Rafa, while we don't need outside help, it is very amusing to see you crumple into a blithering inconsequentiality - a bit like Sepp Platini, but you should know better.

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      • Is that the best you can come up with sepp...head after..welshmu just blew you away... (are you on medication) etc)........come on you can do better...........raggle tooth..

      • The irony of all this is that Liverpool clearly have been playing a lot better than us over the last few weeks. So how the hell are we still 7-1 on to win the title ?. Why make it any harder than it already is. "I'm the first person to stand up to this bloke", I bet Wenger loves reading that. They have been the better team for what seems like most of the season, even a lot of United fans think so. He's going to look like a right tit if they cant win it now,
        The scousers are now in the last chance saloon to get anything at all from the season. Even if they do win all of their remaining games, and I confidently predict that they will, it wont be anywhere near enough as long as United can deliver.
        So where did it all go wrong ?, at what stage of all this did Liverpool go off the rails ?. It seems that every single time he has opened his fat gob things go wrong.
        Still, 10-0 to the scousers today, no problem........

    • Same old song and dance from a Liverpool asshole. How long have we heard this one now....... going on 20 years??? But it sounds great, especially when United are winning the title, AGAIN!!!!

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