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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 26, 2009 06:06 Flag

    Man Utd players of the year

    I think there are flaws in your assessment of the game obviously you are seeing things through "red-tinged glasses".

    Michael Carrick won the penalty in what can best be described in very controversial cirumstances and Gomes definately got the ball before Carrick tumbled over his outstretched arms - definately not a penalty and definately not even worthy of a yellow card.

    Until that controversial moment Spurs were in control and United looked clueless.

    It only takes one decision to turn the game and unfortunately for Spurs it was Howard Webb who made it - huh! he even deserves to be given a bloody knighthood for his highly questionable decisions!

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    • Ref giving a dodgy liverpool a dodgy decision to give them the position from which to score their first is obviously not ref in the pocket material, but united getting a penalty obviously is, i didnt even see the utd players appeal for the penalty unlike mascherano clutching his painful leg from the imaginary stamp on the thigh or whatever he was claiming happened.

      Refs make mistakes week in and week out, its nothing new, but obviously when manchester united are involved its corruption.

    • Also spurs were only in control by the goals on the scoresheet, in the actual match they had lost control for over 20 minutes and united were threatening a goal at all times from tevez's introduction.

      If liverpools imaginary free kick just before halftime isnt considered a turning point in the match i dont know what is with a goalkeeper and defenders mucking up as much as they were.