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    Here's a puzzler for you 7 of 11

    Giggs wins PFA player of the year.

    For me that is a POTY decision (get it, P O T Y).

    Anyway, i digress.

    Does anyone agree with me that, whilst Giggs has been a superb pro and alround good egg.............The award is given to him on sentimental grounds because he's 35 and either hanging his boots up soon, or not likely to be a regular starter anymore.

    There are certainly other players in the Prem and even at Man U who have been more deserving of the award than Giggs this season.

    Does Giggs deserve the award this year (on merit).
    Or was it given for sentimental reasons????

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    • You know I'd agree with you on Lampard, he has quietly been IMO the top player on the Chelsea squad. Not necessarily a stand out, but a constant that has kept them going. But mainly, because his best performances, or at least the presses recognition of him has come late in the season, it was after most ballots were cast.

      While this honor has to mean a lot to the winner as it comes from their peers, its not necessarily a great litmus test of who is the best player. Fact that voting happens way before the season ends (which most likely handicaped Giggs back in '99) puts the outcome in question. But additionally, its often a popularity contest between the top names on the top teams. As a purely individual award I'd throw names such as Shay Given or Schwarzer into the hat. But they'd never get it, not only because they are goalies, but play for smaller clubs.

    • I wonder if all this fuss was made when genola won it.....i think not.....

    • Giggs had made 16 appearances as a substitute.

      I agree with you. Giggs has been given the POTY award out of sentiment, in a year when there has no been no clear favorite for the award. It seems the players hate giving the award to a defender so they plumped for Giggs, who happened to have a storming game against Chelsea and get all kinds of media attention at just the time that voting for the award took place.

      Giggs is an all-time great. His consistency has probably prevented him from winning awards in the past, because everyone got bored of his continued excellence and forgot about him whenever awards season came around.

      But he hasnt been the player of this season in my opinion either. I think Fat Frank, Gerrard, Ferdinand, Ronaldo, Rooney, and Vidic all have better claims this season, especially Fat Frank, who has been awesome recently, when it matters, in the business end of the season.

    • So not 24 as you stated earlier? To be honest with you I don't follow MU's every match. I did pick up the stat that its onlyl 12 league matches so far, and 1 league goal so far. How many other matches in lesser competitions he's featured in I'll leave to you.

      But really it does not change my opinion here. And that is all it is, my opinion. If you have a different one, its fine, just don't slam me for airing mine in a non offensive way.

      In my opinion, while Ryan Giggs has been a model professional, and a great servant to your club, and football overall, he is not the best player this season, or this calendar year. For me has not even come close to being your best or most influential player this term. Therefore, my only conclusion is that he was given this award out of sentiment, so an annual award was turned into a lifetime achievement award. And, for me that is a a shame, as the best player this year goes unrecognized.

    • Ian, your right he should have won it in '99, as that is when he was player of the year. I think he did not as the voting on this is done in January or so, and while some may argue its supposed to be based on performance for the calendar year, most voters are going to look only at the performance of the current season. In '99 therefore the voting happened before you won any silverware.

      But, like I've said before, I'm not trying to slam Giggs, or Utd here, but just pointing out my opinion, and your comment its maybe righting a wrong suggests you agree, that this year it was about sentiment not current performance, and that an annual award has been turned into a lifetime achievement award.

      Maybe there is nothing wrong with that, but its my opinion that its a shame, as whoever you think was the best player this year based on his performance this year (choose from Vidic, Gerrard, Rooney, or Ronaldo, with my vote going to Vidic with Gerrard close second) does not get recognized. For me, that is a shame, but especially as the player I think most deserves it is unlikely to be in the running again, as this award rarely gets handed out to defenders.

    • Look here http://www.stretford-end.com/united-statistics/current-season.php

      Giggs has made 40 appearances and made 18 assists, just this season alone.

    • Basically the award is a popularity contest and giggs obviously has alot of friends amongst his fellow professionals. Personally I knew it wouldnt get given to gerrard and id sooner giggs won it than the other united nominees so im not bothered.
      I wonder why this season though when it has been one of his
      least influencial, has he started making noises about retiring or something?

    • That really is a pathetic post dsteer, and one frankly you should be ashamed of. Giggs should have won it in 1999, so this is just righting the wrong which was made then. Is that ok for you ?

    • mudevon has already answered that for me kipper face.around 1999/2000....we won the treble that year and genola gets it.....uahhhhhh!....Giggs might of played only 12 games..as they are claming,but from what i heard the votes were cast 6weeks ago...and dating back further,and voted by the player's themselves...so Giggs was playing the best football....yes theres a case for Vidic,Lampard,Gerrard,(when he's fit)...but like i said Giggs got it from the vote's cast a while back...i'll be nice to you this time.. as you have enough problem's with your team already..

    • Overall I think your correct if you include league cups, CL, FA Cup, and of course your little trip out to Japan. But its only 12 league matches (less than half so far), and just a single goal in the league.

      But even if you rate him on all 24 matches he has played in, despite many of them not being against top competitors (league and most CL excluded of course) that still represents only between a third and half of the games your likely to play this year. Not what you'd expect from one of your core players, let alone the best player this year! Mind you, good news for Ledley King, he might be in for a shout at a gong next year, so long as he can stay fit a couple weekends a month.

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