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    Here's a puzzler for you 7 of 11

    Giggs wins PFA player of the year.

    For me that is a POTY decision (get it, P O T Y).

    Anyway, i digress.

    Does anyone agree with me that, whilst Giggs has been a superb pro and alround good egg.............The award is given to him on sentimental grounds because he's 35 and either hanging his boots up soon, or not likely to be a regular starter anymore.

    There are certainly other players in the Prem and even at Man U who have been more deserving of the award than Giggs this season.

    Does Giggs deserve the award this year (on merit).
    Or was it given for sentimental reasons????

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    • Popped on this board to see what Utd fans thought of the Giggs award.

      In my opinion it wasn't justified on this season alone as lots of players in the league have contributed more to this campaign. That said, it's well deserved over the players career. Giggs has been a role-model pro for years now and seems quite humble with it. This award confirms he's held in the highest regard by his fellow pros. As a Liverpool fan I wanted Gerrard to win it but I think most neutrals will be pleased for Giggs.

      Congratulations to him.

    • The simple answer for me is no. But like to ask the mu fans on here a simple question: Has Giggs been the best or most influential player for Utd this term? If you can honestly say yes, then fine maybe he deserves it. If not, if you think Vidic, Rooney, Ronaldo, or someone else has been better or more influential, then you have to ask why your justifying this award for Giggs.

      Now I don't want to take anthing away from Giggs. Despite him being a Manc, he is always a player I've admired a great deal. Not just because of his ability, but the way he has carried himself throughout his career. But this vote was about sentiment, not about deciding who was the best player this term.

      But, since this award is voted by his peers, its hard to be too harsh. But I do think its a shame that his fellow players have decided to turn an annual award into a lifetime acheivement award.

      Its also a shame for Vidic to be honest. While I could be biased and say Gerrard deserved the award, and if voting was done after the season is over, he might have a better shout, but when the voting was done, I think its clear Vidic should have been the leading candidate. Since its rare for defenders to pick up this award, him not getting this year, might mean its very unlikely he'll ever get it. For Mancs I'd think some of you might think that was also a shame.

    • But Roy, what about this pile of rubbish
      Giggs has been outstanding all season and there has been a broad campaign to see him given this award.

    • Did David Ginola deserve to win when all he ever did was flatter to deceive and far better - and more productive - players were overlooked? At least Giggs can point to a sack load of medals and match winning performances and why shouldn`t his fellow pros be allowed to awarded it for his career rather than one season? And even though Giggs makes fewer appearances these days when he does play he is often one of the better players on the pitch. After all quality is better than quantity.

    • Ehmm, 'shame'; damned with faint praise.

    • Now that is 'damned by faint praise'. We can all agree etc etc...but others were better!
      He got it because hs peers wanted him to get it. Get it!

    • Ian, your right he should have won it in '99, as that is when he was player of the year. I think he did not as the voting on this is done in January or so, and while some may argue its supposed to be based on performance for the calendar year, most voters are going to look only at the performance of the current season. In '99 therefore the voting happened before you won any silverware.

      But, like I've said before, I'm not trying to slam Giggs, or Utd here, but just pointing out my opinion, and your comment its maybe righting a wrong suggests you agree, that this year it was about sentiment not current performance, and that an annual award has been turned into a lifetime achievement award.

      Maybe there is nothing wrong with that, but its my opinion that its a shame, as whoever you think was the best player this year based on his performance this year (choose from Vidic, Gerrard, Rooney, or Ronaldo, with my vote going to Vidic with Gerrard close second) does not get recognized. For me, that is a shame, but especially as the player I think most deserves it is unlikely to be in the running again, as this award rarely gets handed out to defenders.

    • As i said earlier,the PLAYERS voted for the winners of these awards,give it up and move on it won't change and we have no idea why they voted as they did.

    • Does that really make much difference? I don't begrudge Giggs getting the award, but just find it a shame that an annual award has been converted into a life time award. For the fact that its January to January, and not just this season would suggest that Giggs had such an increadible end of last season (Jan to May) that he was your best or most influential player.

      I just don't see that. So while its fitting Giggs should be honored for all he's accomplished, and more so for the style in which he's done things, the cost has been not recognizing the best player this year (whether you measure it Jan to Jan, or just this season). Just this season I'd say that denied Vidic, Jan to Jan, either Vidic or Ronaldo would have been the favorites.

    • How many times does it have to be pointed out that it's for January to January and not just this season?

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