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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 27, 2009 07:37 Flag

    Here's a puzzler for you 7 of 11

    Giggs wins PFA player of the year.

    For me that is a POTY decision (get it, P O T Y).

    Anyway, i digress.

    Does anyone agree with me that, whilst Giggs has been a superb pro and alround good egg.............The award is given to him on sentimental grounds because he's 35 and either hanging his boots up soon, or not likely to be a regular starter anymore.

    There are certainly other players in the Prem and even at Man U who have been more deserving of the award than Giggs this season.

    Does Giggs deserve the award this year (on merit).
    Or was it given for sentimental reasons????

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