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  • Paddy Paddy Apr 27, 2009 21:37 Flag

    Great hypocrisy

    Hi Steve

    As I replied on the Liverpool board ...

    I agree that Gerrard made himself look a pillock for his comments when clearly he's not above "winning" a free kick himself.

    Hopefully, you'll agree that SAF is also hypocritical for attacking Rafa for being arrogant or Moyes for trying to influence referees?

    My point is as football fans (not just supporters of our own clubs) wouldn't it be great if the media grew some balls and actually called the people involved in the game on some of these statements. At least then we wouldn't be subjected to the same nonsense post match interviews week after week.

    What do you think?

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    • I agree with you on that, but the arrogance call with Sir Alex, and all the comment's I read and hear, just don't sit well with me.

      My brother in law past away at the end of Feb, Sir Alex and his wife Kathy attended the service, and that was the 12th of March, remember the 11th march United played a European game that evening, so HUGE respect to him from me.

      So I would say not arrogant just good at his job and handles the press rather than the press handle him.

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      • Hi Steve

        You're quite correct to pull me up on that. Let me say that I've a mate who's a mad Utd fan and who has had the pleasure of meeting Sir Alex and said that he was a great guy.

        I don't mean to have a go at him as a person - I mean as a football manager he (rightly) does everything in the book to try and come out on top and it's a bit rich for him to throw accusations about Rafa being arrogant. By the same token it is a bit rich for Gerrard to bang on about people diving.

        Anyway - do you think that's it for the league? Personally I think if Liverpool keep winning, you have to avoid defeat against the gunners before you can relax.