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  • If you don't know how Ref's interpret situations such as Carrick and Gomez (that's assuming Butch will allow me to assume the Ref's know the rules!).

    You know what i mean. If the player pushes the ball past the keeper and he doesn't touch it but gets the player.....and that situation in reverse?

    OH...It's just you Butch

    By a book if you need it

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    • You say "some of us" Butch

      Don't you go round acting like you have any friends now, will you!

    • you might be right, but I'm not going around slagging people off, and if you had not noticed it seems to spur some debate, which is what I thought a message board was all about. But if you don't like what I post, feel free to ignore them is you wish.

    • You're just fucking anal, it's always the way with you, look at the PFA awards thread, you refuse to drop it until every United supporter in the world agrees with you, in this case you want us all to agree it wasn't a penalty, you just can't handle the fact that some of us think it was.

    • Lester, I don't think Spurs were robbed, I have no idea if you would have scored the 4 goals you did get in open play if you had not got the penalty decision.

      I came on here as I thought they'd be some interesting discussion about the penalty, even some funny wind up comments. I was surprised to the level of denial from most Utd fans that this might have been a wrong decision. So the only point I was trying to get across was can a Utd fan not admit that its possible you got the rub of the green at OT, and that luck, might have changed the game.

      I know we got a bit of luck at Hull on the freekick for the first goal. I don't believe it was the spark that allowed us to take the full 3 points as we were very much in control of the match before that, and had created by far the majority of the good scoring chances. But it is possible.

    • What is the point of this dave other than making yourself look like a bad loser ?. We know every Liverpool fan in the country went from boom to bust in the space of 15 minutes last saturday but you really dont need to give us the pleasure of reliving this all week.
      if there is a ref anywhere on the planet that can get 99% of decisions right on a local park then none of us have seem him yet.
      I know of one spurs fan personally, and one arsenal fan internetly, that think the key moment in the match was when Tevez was unleashed.
      Anyway, I'll do you a deal. You admit that Liverpool looked like they were going to drop 2 points at Hull until you got some awful decision in your favour and I'll admit Spurs were robbed.

    • If a ref does not have the ability to make a decision, see's the world in gray and has to agonize over every call, and can only get to 99%, then to be honest he should not be a ref. Think that is the simple answer.

      I don't expect refs to get it right everytime, they like the rest of us are only human. Add in players also trying to get advantage by diving, going down easy, or making the most of any knocks they pick up (although I'm not suggesting Carrick dove), and it gets harder. But once a ref gets to the very top tier of football I expect them to have enough experience, and strength of mind to get the vast majority of calls correct. If they are wrong then they are wrong, but they do need to be certain in their own convictions.

      I hope you note, I've not had a go at Webb. I do think he got it wrong, and today he's admitted he got it wrong, but I think at the time he was sure. All I'm saying, and all I've ever tried to say on this thread is that I think you got a lucky call. Some with some reflection agree with that, but many of you just cannot accept that the call could have been wrong, and for at least once you might have got the rub of the green at OT, and it might have actually turned the match.

    • If our positions were reversed, with Liverpool at the top of the table, and MU chasing, but needing LFC to drop points in order to win the title, then yes I do think the Masch decision would have been given more press inches. Even more if it had occured when we were 2 goals down, and looking likely to drop those points that could have shaken up the title race.

      I have no idea if the penalty was the turning point or not. I know many argue that it was the introduction of Tevez that turned the match. But as its impossible to prove what turned the match, focus is always going to be on the first goal MU got, which came from the penalty spot.

      But the point I was making by saying the post was arrogant is that just like most clubs, there are a group of fans who always think the world is against them. We have them also, with statements that certain refs fold under pressure, or pundits are biased. But you just seem to have more than most, and its a little hard to play the victim all the time when your one of the richest clubs in the league, and have had so much success in recent years. Its a bit like the rich kid crying because his silver spoon fell out of his mouth. Bit hard to feel sorry for him.

    • Unless you come from the school of thought that 2 wrongs make a right, or just because another team got a lucky call, Man U has a right to get a little help form the ref, then bringing in the Hull match has absolutly no relation to the lucky call you got from Webb.

      I've already stated, very clearly that Liverpool got a lucky break on the non foul against Masch. The only point I've tried to make on here, is you got a lucky break on Saturday. It happens, but you just can't admit it. Webb can, but you can't. Why is that?

    • Shocking for Middlesbro that cheating Arsenal won a game they should have drawn at best Slayer.

    • Trust me Gunner.....I don't think for one minute that the penalty shout made an ounce of difference to the outcome of the game....look no further than Tevez and his blatantly obvious understanding with Rooney to see why they turned the game around.

      I think Tevez has been a great influence on Rooneys play this season, young Wayne would be most dissapointed if United allowed Tevez to leave this summer.

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