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  • Dark.Soul Dark.Soul Apr 29, 2009 11:18 Flag

    Hands up

    I'm refering to the game against hull. Liverpool had two key decisions go their way. Spurs aren't facing relegation so the points are more important for Hull than for Tottenham.

    Most people fail to see that Palacios should have been sent off for the possible career ending two foot lunge at Ronaldo. That was way before the penalty. Howard should have given a straight red even though Ronaldo escaped the challenge in time. Is he gonna escape punishment from the F.A.? Highly likely.

    It was a penalty. If Van Der Sar did the same I would still say it's a penalty. Carrick passed the ball to the side and Gomes brought him down. Did he make any attempt to collect the ball after that? No. Taylor made a tackle on Eduardo and got the ball and yet he was sent off. The horrific injury aside, he still followed through and brought the player down. It's the same with Gomes in a small way.