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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 30, 2009 23:01 Flag

    Racist Fake ID Update

    Ppssssttttttt heres a fake id update of the racist coward known as Dogs of War 66

    He is now

    Sepp Platini
    World chumpi0ns
    Fake >The Messiah
    Nathan F
    Derek Marletts
    Jose Pombal
    Bert Merries
    Fake> Ian Robert H
    Fake> The Real Shadow

    All traced again to the good ol USA

    Also tries to cover up his racist activities by answering himself in posts and threads with his numerous fake IDs

    Keep em Peeled

    The Shadow Knows


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    • And guess who reported me?
      Got me banned yet again.
      Cant keep a good idiot down.

    • The Shadow Knows...."nothing"

      This fixation with racists, and "fake" yahoo ID's and then claiming to be able to trace people by their IP address has got me howling with laughter, we've heard it all before in here (usually off compulsive liars with no real life) and it's never produced any results or exposed anyone's real identity!

      Shadow, don't go and tell us all that you're another one of these infamous manUre message board no-lifers that claims to have one of these fictional IP address detectors too?! Hahahaha That's complete "Comedy at its best". Hahahahaha

      Only total fcuking losers come up with waltermitty stuff like that, it's nearly as bad as certain dipsticks who name-dropped reporters from local newspapers on here, and that they'd contacted them to do a story on northern racist football supporters because someone has typed the word "banana" in a couple of their messages Hahahahahaha....

      ....and let's not forget about the secret internet police who live in Holland, who are continually monitoring and investigating micky taking in online football forums, especially the manUre board at yahoo because they have no real crimes to solve. Hahahahaha

      Hahahahaha No doubt you'll post a few of my "so-called" other yahoo identities and get about two right and the rest completely wrong, which will have me chuckling again about how little you actually know!!! Hahahahahahahahaha