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  • Haggis Heed Haggis Heed May 2, 2009 17:00 Flag

    Racist Fake ID Update

    Hahahaha Nice one syco, I'm loving the "I'm scanning your IP as we speak - Buzz click whrrrrr" comment, that had me chuckling away.

    Sometimes when I come on here, it's just like the old days on this board all over again, although it's nowhere near as funny now, some of the new blood on here take it all a little bit too seriously, although none of them go as bonkers and start throwing a fit if you say the word "banana" anymore.

    Limpet Lynda with his dog's breath is a prime example of a message board hissy fit thrower, but it's just the thought of that skinny, half-wit manUre supporting chav who has a tendancy to pick cyber fights (who always ends up clinging to the ropes after one round with me) always makes me laugh. Harharharhar!