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  • I think it will be one of the biggest mistakes of SAF's careers if he lets Tevez go. People always go on about his amazing workrate as if it is the only thing he offers. He is a born winner, and his dribbling is also the best out of all the forwards we have-superior to Rooney's and Ronaldo's, and certainly Berba. He holds the ball up well and if he played consistently, would have scored more goals this season than last. Furthermore, I don't think we will see the best of Berba without Tevez. Berba was brilliant the other day as soon as Tevez came on to the pitch-he had 3 will runners interchanging in front of him and became devastating, offerring a nice contrast to the pace and movement of Roonaldez. At Barca last season with the arrival of Henry, it was touted that there would be a "Fantastic Four"; this of course didn't work because 4 doesn't go into 3. However, we really could have a fantastic four at united if we allowed them to play together, with Berba behind the other 3. The only thing is, the 2 midfielders behind all 4 of them have to be perfect. I really hope we don't rely on the fitness of hargreaves for next year. Would love it if we went in for a young (22-24), top class defensive midfielder. SAF please keep Tevez!!!

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    • No need for whip-rounds, United have traditionally been pretty sensible in using their funds in transfers. Not paying over the odds, but shelling out when the player's worth it. Fergie's reiterated many times that he wants to keep Tevez, so I think they'll find the funds.

    • WE HAVE TO KEEP HIM...Come on A.F...Sign him up...

    • You are right, Fergie definitely made a mistake in buying Berbatov. Tevez, along with the young players you have coming through the ranks would have been enough this season. But I disagree on a couple of things:

      "Biggest mistake of his career"? I don't think so mate; with his success record, it would be a small mistake, that's about it.

      Second point is - it's easy to say Berbatov was not needed seeing his current form. But you have to think of last season, when the decision was made. Rooney was injured for a while and the goals all came from Ronaldo. Fergie (as any good manager would) was obviously thinking of contingency in case Ronaldo was out for extended periods this season (which to his credit did happen in the first half). Also, Berbatov DOES have a sublime touch and looked excellent at Spurs and had been playing in England for a while. Add to that the rumours about Ronaldo that were in full swing at the end of the season and throughout the Euros and you can see why Fergie DID make the move, which now appears a mistake.

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    • You gonna organise a whip round then Wise Son?
      Heard your new shirt sponsor for next season is Woolworths, both of you financially insolvent and full of plastic.

    • He is an important player for our team.Don't think he gets the credit he deserves and think that we should have tied up his deal before investing in Berbatov as we won the Champions League last year with Tevez not Berbatov.As ever have a lot of faith in Ferguson however letting Tevez go would not be to our advantage.The talk of Kaka and Ribery is nice but I just don't know how we would accomodate those players.Tevez fits in easily in our team.Ronaldo was to go then Ribery would be a good replacement but Kaka at 100 plus million pounds even for us would be a bit far fetched.

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      • LMAO. Kaka is not going anywhere friend. He has Pato, Ronaldinho, Dida and other Brazilian mates there. The fans love him, Galliani loves him, so there is no reason for him to move. Both Kaka AND his agent have said in the press that he is happy and settled and his daughters love it in Milan. When repeatedly pressed about the future, he happened to mention that no one knows what's in store in the future, only God knows (he is very religious), and that was taken out of context by the non-Italian media.

    • Tevez has been a United fan for years, turned up for training at his Brazilian club in a United top. Try finding facts to back up your wishful thinking next time.

      If Tevez leaves, it will be a shame, but the vast majority of the fans will appreciate him for what he's done.

    • The God, you're a top bloke, I'm liking your attitude on here! Keep giving the likes of botch, kung fu qwithy and ian harassed some grief and you'll get some laughs on here.

      Ian Harassed already thinks we are one and the same person, so it shows his fictional online manUre abu IP address scanner must not work properly....again!? Buzz Click Zapppp!!!

      Tevez aka rent-a-player is away, he'll go to whoever will pay him the most, he doesn't give a stuff about manUre or their shallow, fickle, prawn sandwich eating supporters.

      Tevez knows like everyone else does, that once you leave manUre, their crap, fickle, plastic, clueless fans come up with all that "He wasn't fit to wear the shirt" nonsense, like they always do.

      Ronaldo will be just behind Tevez in leaving Old Trafford, the pair of them will probably both end up at Real Madrid. Hehehehehehe

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