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  • The God, you're a top bloke, I'm liking your attitude on here! Keep giving the likes of botch, kung fu qwithy and ian harassed some grief and you'll get some laughs on here.

    Ian Harassed already thinks we are one and the same person, so it shows his fictional online manUre abu IP address scanner must not work properly....again!? Buzz Click Zapppp!!!

    Tevez aka rent-a-player is away, he'll go to whoever will pay him the most, he doesn't give a stuff about manUre or their shallow, fickle, prawn sandwich eating supporters.

    Tevez knows like everyone else does, that once you leave manUre, their crap, fickle, plastic, clueless fans come up with all that "He wasn't fit to wear the shirt" nonsense, like they always do.

    Ronaldo will be just behind Tevez in leaving Old Trafford, the pair of them will probably both end up at Real Madrid. Hehehehehehe